2015 Pigments Painting Award

Journal Entry 1

The journey from the port authority in downtown Miami,  to my home in North Miami Beach, takes me, about one hour to complete. During the course of that hour, my senses are stimulated to there limits. Visually the trip is entertaining, the views of the beach, palms swaying in the breeze, the rich colors of the buildings, and the people.

Stereotypes, most people including myself automatically place people in categories by the way they appear. This evening, I witnessed a group of Hispanic young men, probably in their mid twenties board the bus. They were dressed in the stereotypical outfits, white cotton tank top, baggy jeans, sneakers, silver or gold chains around the neck, tattoo’s, and slicked back short hair.

Saturday, the last weekend before the arrival of my mother from Charlottesville, Virginia. Scrambling to get her room painted, cleaned, and the floors resolved. The first coat of Acrylic floor paint, white, low luster, was applied. Looks really nice, fresh and clean.  Will second coat it sometime tonight after filling in the many hundred nail rips, places were parts of the concrete floor have been removed.  Depending on the outcome, I may need to third coat the floor.  Timing is essential because it needs around 90 hours to really set up before any heavy traffic. I have until Sunday of next week for the floors to dry completely, that is when I will return from my trip back from Virginia.

Just installed the white mini-blinds, which look very nice. The total time for installation was just over one hour, the window frame is not square, so I ended up eyeballing the install. Tomorrow morning I will chalk around the baseboards, fill in the nail holes and chips. Then complete the second coat of paint on the floor.  Hopefully I will only require one more coat.

Say my name, say my name, you acting kind of shady, no ones around us, hey baby, I love ya.(What a bunch of crap!)

Sunday, September 03, 2000

Exhaustion…Every bone, muscle, hair, and whatever other part of my body is left is flat out exhausted.  Left early this morning on my one speed yellow and chrome, with white wall tires bike. Pedaled past every beach, every cafe, past the crowds of people stuck in there cars, down to South Beach. Played some volleyball, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Watched the lovely ladies on rollerblades on Lincoln Road, breast and legs everywhere.  Went to an outside concert on Ocean Terrace, which was loud and hot, crowded with people and kids. Did not stay long. Traded in my walkman for a new digital one, tape deck. Returned home late night.  Home, showered, and almost ready to go out again, maybe not, the air-condition feels pretty good…

Monday, September 04, 2000

Every shape, size, color, and age – the amount of bodies that inhabit the beach on the weekends, especially the Labor Day weekend.  My Labor Day Monday was spent on the beach, watching beautiful women with g-string and thongs. The views of the day were on occasion interrupted by two-hundred pound, size 45 double zz breast, on ugly fat women that too, only wore a g-string. Get dressed please, you look ridiculous. Maybe that might work in a prison setting, with hundreds of horny inmates that have not been laid for ten years, and even then…

I wonder if I could take someone to court for being offensive to me. I mean you can take someone to court for thinking or saying offensive things, why not just for being offensive.

That would be amusing.  I especially love it when a huge sweaty fat person tells me I’m to thin. Next time I will just have to say something to put them in place. Since I’m on the fat kick, I think fat people that ride the bus should pay double fare. They occupy two seats usually, plus who the hell would want to sit next to that. I make it a point to make sure that I stay on my side of the fucking seat, what gives a fat, sweaty, stink-in person to occupy my space. Stand up if the bus is crowded. Shit, I work hard for my money to pay for the bus, and when I get a fucking seat, I want to enjoy it. Fat is ugly. Lose weight, don’t eat seven times a day, stop watching the fucking television, chain the refrigerator, don’t impose your fat on other people. Other than that my Monday was wonderful, biking, swimming, and eating.. (Eating, the thing fat people need not do)

Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Ever since my entry yesterday about the fatty beings, I have noticed that everyone is fat as hell. Today at lunch, I would have to say that eight out of ten people were huge. I also notice a direct correlation with the different classes of people. The lower the class, the fatter they are. Cheese Whiz and marshmallows in front of the Rosanne Barr Show, yet another fat pig. I don’t have fat friends, its not because I choose to, it is only that I can’t find any that have the same upbringing as I do. Why are redneck women all fat?, why are Hispanic mamas fat, why are black mamas fat?, and there daughters too.  Why is the majority, from my observations, of fat people only  women.  FAT is crap!..Its not attractive, never will be. “I’m big and beautiful, is a lie”  Oh, I can’t say FAT People, I have to say “Horizontally Challenged”. No, FAT sounds so much better. Truth hurts, then lose the fucking weight.

Wednesday, September 06, 2000

Constant motion, black folks are always in fucking motion. Can’t they just stand still, the opposite of moving around. Always in your face, staring you down, sweaty fucking bodies, in your fucking space. Take a shower, use some roll-on, and sit your black ass down.  No other race moves around – without music, then black folks.  Once again it reverts back to the different classes, or I should say no class. Scum of the earth, mentality of a roach.

Friday, September 08, 2000

Today was one of the most hectic days of the year. Twenty-two hours before my arrival in Washington, DC, then the two hour drive to Charlottesville, VA. Just to load a truck and drive straight back to Miami, before Sunday. Then unload, attend a birthday party, and then attend yet another birthday party. Plus be social with my mother, and hopefully finish the night before I head out to work on Monday – which I will probably brush off.  The apartment is almost ready to be seen, reworking everything, then have to go through it and re-organize everything. Space is at a premium and I think my mother has a lot. It should all work out pretty well, just want to get past this weekend.  Tomorrow morning Janet is arriving for a quick bit of breakfast and sex, just to say good-bye for the weekend. Looking  forward to that, I think…

Have to dash now. Will right soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2000

The flight started off perfectly, leaving Miami on time. The lights down below were beautiful, gleaming beacons shinning, guiding ships and planes safely home. Miami behind us, uncertainty just in our future. The music that I was listening to during take off was perfect for the mood of the flight-Enigma…As the songs progressed, altitude and rate of acceleration increasing, tempo and intensity of the music insynch.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

The beginning of this story has still to be written…