Puddle Biker in New York City

Once again I find myself in Washington Square, New York City. Perfect day, just after a light rain, the fresh smell of the air, the sunlight beaming through the clouds. I caught this kid riding repeatedly through the steaming puddles. This print is just perfect, blew it up to very large size and framed with a simple black frame. Let me know your thought.

Pain and Suffering – Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Fl. Taking hundreds of photographs in the memorial. I decided to take it up one more level. The statues are of torment and despair, strength and power in a horrible time of our history. I spent hours searching for the right eyes to add the statue that would show the human part of it, and show how horrible this part of our history is. When I see this image or my friends see this a chill is sent down my spine. Still working on this image, want to soften it down a bit, tone down the harsh contrast. Still have not decided what to do or exactly how to finish. Let me know your opinions.

Zen Meditation in Miami Portrait

One of the classical portraits I shot in Miami. It’s actually two photographs taking pretty close in time to each other. Using Photoshop I manipulated the two images to form this portrait. I realize the lighting on the subjects face is not accurate, but did not want to have a harsh shadow. Opted to lie in the photograph. I could have used a flash to highlight the face but hate using flash, think its two harsh and would have ended manipulating the lighting anyway. Client was thrilled with the image and have had a wonderful response. Let me know your thoughts.

Reading up Close Photograph

I love this photograph, more importantly I had tons of fun taking the photograph. Decided tosimplify the image and reduce it to a line drawing with a bit of image enhancement. The old guy was on the verge of falling asleep while reading, I was sitting just about him on the park step. Took a series of only three images. Don’t like to invade someones space to much. Think it came out pretty well.

Eat until you drop is our mottto

As funny as this photo is…the topic is not. Americans or I should say people are eating themselves into early graves. Instead of trying to figure out to how fix the problem, we ignore and set new standards. “Fat is beautiful is a lie” It will never be beautiful. Stop eating all day long, eat healthier, don’t always finish whats on your plate. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. walk instead of drive. Many alternatives to the problem. American calorie counting schemes are a grand failure. After using them for one year, 95% of their users are heavier than before they started. Why are Americans so much heavier now than when they were first settling this country? Why are Americans so much heavier than Chinese, Italians, Africans, and Spanish people? WHY ARE AMERICANS SO FAT by Paul A. Stitt, MS, Biochemistry

Ferry Boat Ride into the Past…J.M.W. Turner

The windows on the ferry boat are Plexiglas, scratched up and not very clear. Perfect for photography. It was early evening, the sun was just setting, the colors in the sky through the window looked like millions of paintings. Turner’s to be more exact. This image is without manipulation or color correction, it printed exactly as shown.

Turner’s earliest works were watercolors, which he first showed at the Royal Academy in 1790 at age 15. Watercolor remained an important medium for the artist, and the exhibition includes stunning examples ranging from the detailed to the minimal to the nearly abstract.

Zebra Road Kill – American Flag?

My main thrills in photography are contrast photography and lines. When I come across an image that offers so many interesting lines and an interesting perspective I will always stop. I shot this very low to the ground to show the curve of the street. Vertical lines converging on horizontals – Simple photograph with tons of movement. Let me know your thoughts. Sort of funny, just taking a closer look and I see hints of the American Flag.

Against the Current Photo Story

Rule of life, always have a camera on you. Traveling on the ferry in New York City…sitting in the far back this photograph caught my eye…two seconds later the image was safely captured in my camera. The funny thing was it happened in such a way that everything just stopped, got very quiet, no movement from anyone, no sound. I could have taken hours to capture the image. I see it as a cliche of life…most people are content to go on with the daily task, work, pay the bills, sleep, work, and so on. Every once in awhile someone goes against the grain, challengesthe system, wants to be different. Most people are like cattle, followers…then once in a while a leader shows up. Or Maybe it’s just a photograph of a young girl on the ferry boat. Let me know your thoughts.