Stop and Smell the Flowers

Just sort of kicking back tonight, playing around with some images… Came up with this photograph which came out okay for a quickie. Love shooting images from low or unexpected points of view, just makes for an interesting shot. My dog Chloe, just bathed and blow dried. She was slobbered today at the dog park. Stop and smell the flowers, or weeds in this case. She proceeded to eat the dandelion afterwards.

Yellow Flowers on Black

Simple and colorful. My wife picks the flowers from the garden. The life span of these little beauties is very short. My project for the day was to capture the cut flowers in a photograph so they would live forever. No manipulation of any kind except the faux photographic border. Natural sunlight beaming through the window. The flowers are cut and sitting in a glass clear vase. Placing the vase next to our dark blue kitchen walls and setting the camera to spot meter, center weight – I captured a fantastic photograph. Image was captured using a Leica. Let me know your thoughts.

Digital or Film?

The question of questions – film or digital? I personally use both, its like using oil verses pencil, two very different mediums. I love digital, easy, amazing image quality, ability to shoot in extreme lighting conditions, and the list goes on. But, film gives you warmth, a bit of unpredictability in what your end result will be. The softness, color rendition, and tone is just beautiful. I can spot a photograph taken with film or a digital image a mile a way. The bottom line with any debate, controversy or comparison…the answer will never be clear. It boils down to what you like, and what your mission on a particular project will be. This photograph was taken on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fl – using my digital SLR I captured a pretty interesting candid shot. The only manipulation was to turn the photo into a black/white except for the subject. Think it came out pretty well.

NYC Speed Challenged Pigeon

Just kicking back in Washington Square, heart of the NYU campus life. Warm spring day, people out, music, lawn bowling, dancing and in particular this slow motion pigeon. It was very strange – the heart of a very fast area of New York City, this one lone pigeon was just chilling. Totally unaware of all the goings on around him. His main focus was not eating the bread crumb but playing with it. Love this shot, the color of the green moss, the stop motion of the bread crumb and the sharp detail. Let me know your thoughts.

After a couple of Beers – "no worries"

My lovely wife at you guessed it Outback Steak House – “No Worries” Fun pictures using one’s cell phone. She looks like an advertising campaign – The bread and butter is fantastic, washed down with an apple martini or a cold Fosters, Yum. The service is with all fairness, really awful or as my wife would say horrrrible…It’s a crap shot with them. But the bar is always great. It’s funny long lines waiting for tables – but few no that you can just walk in go to the bar and sit at any table, get served and are out the door two three hours later with good service. Take care and enjoy eating at a proper restaurant…If OutBack wants to give us a free dinner for two, I will modify my review.

Horrible Darien Ct Boat Attack

I shot a series of this man kayaking, just kept on firing the camera shutter. When view quickly looks as if the fishing boat is eating up the small craft. My only manipulation was to remove some of the color to beam more light on the main subject. Really like the composition of this photograph. Darien, Ct is packed with history and small locations for the perfect shot. Let me know what you think.

Coney Island Couple…flying hairpiece

Coney Island Couple is one of my favorite photographs, sold a few of these over the years. Coming across this couple was a great joy. They talked for what seemed hours, enjoying each others company and the beautiful summer day. I only shot two prints – never want to interfere with people’s privacy. The funny thing about this photograph was not the black umbrella, or how they were sitting…the funny thing that I found was – his hair piece was flying in the harsh beach wind.

Portrait of House Kitty – Armonk, NY

Portrait of a wonderful cat I came across in Armonk, NY. This little guy was packed with personality, and he was not camera shy. I took several sample photographs, put my results seemed flat and uninspiring. Started to play with the exposure setting and decided to blow out the contrast by three stops, on the camera end. This was the end result. The only manipulation on this print was of the simple drop shadow effect. Sometimes the creative process takes place when you hit the shutter button. The original print is massive, and with such clarity that every hair is defined. The background which is now all white was on top of a silver BMW. Let me know your thoughts.

Art on the Streets of New York City

You can now sell your art on NYC streets or in NYC Parks without a license, a permit or needing anyone’s permission. It is now legal to create, display and sell art throughout NYC on streets and in Parks without any license or permit. An advocacy group, A.R.T.I.S.T. spent the past 13 years winning you this right. Please check out our website. The site has all the vending laws, which streets you can and cannot sell on and lots more but you must subscribe to the site to access the full info. It is free to become a member. You may also link to our site and forward the address to other artists you know. We welcome you to join ARTIST and begin exercising your full First Amendment rights. Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T. To visit the ARTIST website go to: To see videos of our struggle go to: