2014 Ford Focus Review

2014 Ford Focus SE Hatchback Review.
Owning my Ford Focus for several months now, it was time for a thorough and thoughtful review listing the pros and cons of this very sporty vehicle. The particular automobile under the knife is a silver 2014 Ford Focus ST Hatchback which was purchased August 16, 2017 from a local Stamford, Connecticut Ford dealer.

The car has been certified by the dealer and only had twelve thousand five hundred miles and visually looked better than new. The package includes a sunroof, Ford Sync, an automatic transmission with manual mode, all leather interior, and graphite handsome rims with Cooper tires.

Exterior Overview
2014 Ford Focus SE Hatchback Review
The exterior of the Ford Focus is very pleasing and has a very solid construction, seems to use a very thick gauge steel for most of the upper body. Yes, the lower sections below the doors, the front and rear bumpers are plastic. The paint is without flaw, seems to resist dust and is very easy to wash and wax. I purposely selected a silver automobile with the thought that they always tend to look spotless, even when they are not.

The Tinted Glass

The glass seems to be of higher grade also and seems to resist common road hazards, stones, branches, and scratching from the wiper blades. The only real minor issue with the glass is the proper cleaning of the exterior and interior surfaces. I have tried every product for auto glass cleaners and always have the same issue, hazing and smudges when cleaning. It is really visible when the sun is low and facing the front of the vehicle. The tinted windows don’t seem to take kindly to cleaners. Any suggestions with this issue would be fantastic.

The Wiper Blades

Owning many automobiles in the course of my life, the thought of how wiper blades function never were an issue. That is until now, I actually dread when rain is in the forecast because the system that the Ford Focus uses is of very poor design and very stressful to use. The majority of vehicles use a system that both blades work in harmony…the same direction. The Focus uses opposing blades which come from two different directions. The problem with this design is when it is raining lightly the blades actually hit each other and get jammed, stuck in an up position, I usually have to hit the wiper lever to fix the issue. You have to put your intermitting just to the right spot and make sure the window is super wet for the blades to clean without issue…but then you can see out the front window. When it is just misting outside the blades just get stuck seventy percent of the time. Driving in the rain is already stressful, but Ford has managed to add just a bit more. Thumbs down for the wiper system.

Tires & Rims

Lights & Turn Signals

Fuel Tank and Economy

Interior Overview

Pros: Cons:
Body Styling

Solid Construction

Tires & Rims

Fuel Economy Avg. 32.7

Cleaning Glass

Lots of Plastics

Wiper Blades and System

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