Gallery Photographs Portraits

This was one of the most enjoyable photographic projects to complete and very interesting speaking to all the people, creating a bond. Plus it makes for a much more powerful image in the “Gallery Photographs Portraits” Although some of the portraits were shot in a candid mode (street photography) without the person knowing the image … Read more

Evolution of Modern Day T-Shirts Brief History

Designer Nicolas Ray's T-Shirt

The History of the T-Shirt The origin of the t-shirt is actually credited to coal miners. During the 19th century, miners began to cut their one piece underclothes into two separate pieces. This allowed them to easily remove the top piece from beneath their shirt when they became too hot. Many of these underclothes came … Read more

Columbus and Magellan Introduced Modern European Ideas

The opening of a new world by Columbus and Magellan introduced modern European ideas to primitive American societies. The arrival of these new ideas and new cultures forced the American way of life to progress. When the Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, they absorbed and expanded upon the culture of the Old World … Read more

Chandelier Ceiling Repair and Patch

Simple solution to close a 1/4 gap that was around the top of a chandelier and ceiling. The issue was, the gap came to existence after a new electrical box and hanger was installed. This left a gap that was visible when entering the room and while sitting around the dinning room table. The eye immediately was drawn to the only … Read more