Trusted Tools of the Trade

When one thinks of the trusted tools of the trade one tends to think of power tools or hand tools. For over thirty years my expertise has taken me on a journey of renovations, preservation, and the creation of beautiful projects for your home or business. During that time, one accumulates an arsenal of specialized tools to expedite and ensure a successful conclusion of the projects.

This photograph depicts a tool that is taken for granted and one that I feel is very important. Proper footwear is essential. Too many times I have seen first hand workers that have nails or sharp objects puncture the sole of the sneaker they were wearing. They offered zero protection or support when working on site, going up and down ladders. My trusted pair of Timberland boots (low cut) are light, super comfortable, and offer support from the daily hazards of the project site.

Trusted Tools are Cost Effective

The cost of good footwear at the time of purchase tends to be much more in comparison to a inferior shoe or boot. Once you factor lifespan of the footwear, safety, and fatigue factors – better quality if always the better value. Example, a pair of sneakers used daily may last you six months before you toss them as opposed to the trusted Timberland Boots that will get you one to five years of use. Yes, I actually was able to get five very comfortable years out of one pair of boots.

Using boots inside a clients home is usually not a great idea, with this in mind I tend to use low cut boots that slip of with great ease. They also allow me to utilize surgical booties that slip over the boot which allows for a clean entry to your beautiful home.

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Perfect Dog Chloe

Thought I would spend three minutes and give my dog her brief moment in the internet spotlight. My Perfect Dog Chloe. Pretty much never does anything wrong ever, which is just great with me. As all dogs are creatures of habit and routines, Chloe is not exempt from that. Starts the day still sleeping in her cozy tent from Ikea (Children’s Dept), but the second she catches any movement from me (5:30 am) she jumps on the bed and wants to get inside the sheets.  Time for her first outing for a quick one, morning treat, and back to bed. Coffee time for me, shower, and a half hour of computer time before heading out to work. Chloe pretty much goes with me to almost every job site and loves all my clients and the family dogs. Plays and follows me around for most of the time, then she seems to get bored and kick back somewhere.

Clean up time, pack it up, and she is ready for the commute home. Play for a bit and its dinner time around 6 pm. One of her habits is spreading her food around, not the tidiest dog when it comes to dinner. I think she knows that it bothers me because I clean it every day. Now it’s quiet time, a bit of computer time, dinner, and fast walk. She gets a piece of dog bacon every day sometime after dinner and never finishes dinner until she eats the bacon, pretty funny habit.

That concludes the thrilling life of my perfect dog, Chloe…one side not she loves to ride longboards with me in the late evening, although she has not gone solo as of yet.

Have a perfect weekend


Chloe Ray

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Letter that Chloe wrote that was included in a present to a friend


Hello Name Deleted

Found this when Nicolas took me to the pet store…

I know that you miss your crazy dog…

You do realize she is always trying to eat me…

Anyways, I digress off into random tangents…

Please enjoy your cheap substitute for the real thing…

On the good points, no feeding or cleaning up messes that come out of both ends. Yes, very crude…but still funny.

I miss you tons, I remember that you were always very sweet when you saw me. I think Nicolas misses the two of you also.

He did also mention that you just got hitched…

Talk about being out the loop, no one told me. Ouch!

So a really big congratulations to you and Dillon.  

Love and whatever humans say next.



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Tree Bookcase Project

The latest project that is in the works and is in the design stage. The plan is to create three trees that will hold some books, cherished objects, and also act as a very unique coat rack. The tree bookcase project will be stunning once completed and installed.

Using MDF board which is very smooth and is perfect for creating a very nice painted finish. Cutting out three exact designs and gluing the three pieces together will give a very solid structure along with achieving the desired depth. The first piece, the piece that sits against the wall will have the bottom cut 4″ short to compensate for the baseboard that exist thus allowing for a flush fit to the wall and extend beyond the baseboard touching the floor. Should give it a nice bit of interest…

Birds and a few random leaves will adorn the design and the whole structure will be painted a forest fresh green in a high gloss. All three trees will be different and interlock or set in a particular sequence. The wall background may be painted a light sky blue or possibly a crisp ivory white, still working on the details.

The creation and painting of the tree bookcase should only take three days to complete, three layers of MDF board times three trees. Deciding to add some pegs for coats was logical since it will be installed in a entrance area. Of course I will update this entry with current images once completed. 

Please, if interested in something like this for your kids room or as a focal point in a hallway, let me know and use the contact form. 

Pigments Painting Refresh Special Promotion

The Pigments Refresh Special is easily the most popular makeover and yields great results. Rooms over time can show signs of age and tend not to look as well as they could.

Your room matters, so with this in mind only the best materials are used, “Benjamin Moore Regal Select” premium paint which yields a rich flat finish. The result is stunning and clean, bringing the room back to its former glory.

Pigments Painting Refresh Special Makes a Great Gift

The $225 Refresh Special Terms & Conditions

  • *Maximum Wall Sq.’Ft. 400 – Room Sq.’ 180 *Example: 15’x12’ Room with 8’ Ceilings
  • *Room must be same light base color – Free Color Match
  • *Price includes 1 gallon Benjamin Moore Paint
  • *Price includes room protection, drops, plastic, Blue Tape
  • *Price includes all painting implements.
  • *Price includes wall inspection and minor repairs, caulking Room will be left clean, dust free, and ready.

Ceiling, Trim, Closets, and Windows are not included Office: 203-252-9745 / Field: 212-951-0915