2016 New Years Resolutions

Having decided to get a jump on 2016, I created a Mind Map of some of the things I would like to accomplish and correct with my life. The 2016 New Years resolutions goal is simple, make it much more interesting and full of new friends, situations, and stories. Most of us become complacent with our lives and fall into routines that slowly fill us with regrets, wake up, go to work, get paid, maybe have one day off to do errands. Complaining about the daily grime doesn’t change it…change comes by action and risk. The Mind Map of 2016 will actually be my road map of life. (Yes, very cliche…but true)

2016 New Years Resolutions

When creating your resolutions try to keep it realistic…keep the goals attainable. You can always modify and add more later. For now enjoy the holiday’s and Have a Fantastic New Year. I have included the link to the app that I think is the best for creating mind maps.

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What is Mind Mapping?

[su_note note_color=”#f6f6be”]Currently find that the Simple Mind App is the best for creating mind maps. I use it for projects, creating a visual resume, and business planning. SimpleMind™ is a mind mapping tool that turns your computer, tablet or phone into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. SimpleMind is world leader in mobile mind mapping and and is available for Android™, iPad™ and iPhone™, Mac™ and Windows™.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#f6f6be”]Some additional great 2016 New Year Resolutions that just make sense and most are very attainable goals.Please leave your resolution ideas in the comment area below, would love to her your ideas.  Happy New Year… 50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Each Of Them[/su_note]




Image Restoration Old Photograph

The original image was in very poor condition with peeling, fading, and the beginning signs of mildew. The image restoration took about an hour to complete. Using Photoshop I saved a copy thus retaining the original image, just in case the process was unsuccessful and needed to revert back. The original resolution was also very low, coming in at a whopping 667×439 which is really not well suited for print. Besides the image restoration for preservation, I wanted to actually have it printed and framed. The photograph is of my father in the UK in his early twenties, having a moment with the family pet.

The Image Restoration Process

Working on the image in its original dimension and zooming into the area that I wanted to focus on was the logical starting point as opposed to increasing resolution first. Using the clone tool I went around the image and removed small blemishes and spots were a distraction. Cleaning and blending one pixel at a time with special focus on his main body. The main goal was not to make it absolutely perfect and spotless as if it was just taken. I wanted to retain the patina or vintage feel of the image by keeping some of the few minor cracks and slight imperfections.

The next step was to add some depth to the image by having more contrast and a bit more detail. Using the burn and dodge tools and some finesse with the mouse, the details were carefully blended. The next step was to add a very slight sharpening filter on the entire image Once again, I did not want a super sharp crisp image and opted to retain the natural soft focus. Satisfied it was time to work on image size and color.

Image Sizing & Color Saturation

Playing around with the color balance, saturation, and levels the conversion from a faded red to a true black and white was complete. Just to keep it a bit more with the image, I decided to add a slight vignette around the print to diffuse some of the ground shadows and direct the eye to the center of the image. The final image comes in at 300 dpi at 1578×1052 which is okay for a simple 4×6 print. Since I was working from a scan from 15 years ago when image resolution was horrific I couldn’t increase the size more than these dimensions. The original image if scanned by modern day scanners would have yielded much better results. Considering about an hour was used for the image restoration the results are like night and day. Very pleased. Let me know your thoughts…[su_divider style=”dotted”]

What is image restoration? Wikipedia Article

2015 Pigments Painting Award

Front Door Restoration Stamford

The goal of this project is to create a more impressive front door entrance and more importantly preserve and protect the area from the harsh New England seasons. The interior of the Stamford, Ct house has been restored and upgraded to reflect the personality of the new owners. The process now continues to the exterior of the home with a new stone back entrance and new custom fence. Welcome to Pigments Painting and the restoration of the front door area.[su_divider]

Removal of Storm Door

The first step was the careful removal of the storm door that would be later used in the back of the house. Fortunately, the door was off very high quality and a substantial door in excellent new condition, probably weighing in at one hundred pounds with the glass in place. With that being said, the first thing was to remove the glass to reduce the load on the screws and prevent breakage. Then it was a question of removing all the screws. Total time for removal was about thirty minutes. I discarded all the screws and plan to use new ones when it’s time to reinstall the door in its new location. Now to stage two of the project…[su_divider]

Preliminary Stripping of Front Door Woodwork

The main idea when stripping is go for bulk and then go back and fine tune. Starting the stripping of the white panels and side windows since they need to be repaired and had the most noticeable damage. I opted to use a Milwaukee heat gun as opposed to using stripper which can be costly, usually slower, and caustic. At first I set the heat gun to its coolest temperature which is about 800 degrees without much success. Setting it to its highest temperature, about 1200 degrees, the paint layers started to bubble and scrape away with ease. The layers probably consisted of about five layers of paint leaving just the soft prime coat and the wood grain visible.[su_divider]

 Precautions When Working Around Glass

When working with heat or stripper especially around windows or glass panels, I tend to spend a few minutes figuring out what the safest way to accomplish the task is. Heat seems to not mix well with glass plus you can also scratch the panes when using the scraper. In this situation I cut out an exact fitting wood template that fit snugly in the glass panes. You still have to be cautious but the process moves much faster and with greater accuracy,[su_divider]



Spanish Translation

Frente de la puerta Restauración

El objetivo de este proyecto es crear un mundo más impresionante entrada de la puerta principal y más importante preservar y proteger el área de las duras temporadas de Nueva Inglaterra. El interior de la casa Stamford, CT ha sido restaurado y actualizado para reflejar la personalidad de los nuevos propietarios. El proceso continúa ahora en el exterior de la casa con una nueva entrada trasera piedra y nueva cerca personalizado. Bienvenido a pigmentos de pintura y la restauración de la zona de la puerta delantera.

La eliminación de la puerta contra tormentas

El primer paso fue la cuidadosa eliminación de la puerta de la tormenta que se utilizaría más adelante en la parte posterior de la casa. Afortunadamente, la puerta estaba fuera de muy alta calidad y una puerta sustancial de nuevo excelente, probablemente, con un peso de cien libras con el vidrio en su lugar. Con eso se dice, lo primero que iba a quitar el vidrio para reducir la carga sobre los tornillos y evitar que se rompan. Entonces era una cuestión de la eliminación de todos los tornillos. El tiempo total para la eliminación de unos treinta minutos. Descarté todos los tornillos y el plan para utilizar los nuevos cuando es el momento de volver a instalar la puerta en su nueva ubicación. Ahora a la segunda etapa del proyecto …

Preliminar de desmontaje de elaboración de la madera

La idea principal es ir al pelar para granel y después volver atrás y afinar. A partir de la extracción de los paneles blancos y ventanas laterales, ya que tendrá que ser reparado y tenía el daño más notable. He optado por utilizar una pistola de calor Milwaukee en lugar de utilizar separador que puede ser costoso, por lo general más lento, y cáustico. Al principio me puse la pistola de aire caliente a su temperatura más fría que está a unos 800 grados sin mucho éxito. Si lo establece a su temperatura más alta, alrededor de 1200 grados, las capas de pintura comenzaron a burbujear y raspar con facilidad. Las capas probablemente consistían en unos cinco capas de pintura dejando sólo la capa de preparación suave y la veta de la madera visible.

Precauciones al trabajar cerca de vidrio

Cuando se trabaja con calor o separador especialmente alrededor de las ventanas o paneles de vidrio, tiendo a pasar unos minutos averiguar lo la forma más segura para realizar la tarea es. El calor parece no se mezcle bien con el vidrio además de que también puede rayar los cristales cuando se utiliza el raspador. En esta situación, recorté una plantilla de madera ajuste exacto en el que encaja perfectamente en los paneles de vidrio. Usted todavía tiene que ser prudente, pero el proceso se mueve mucho más rápido y con mayor precisión,  

Quotes and Sayings

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.

Ghandi said that we become great exactly in the degree in which we increase the value of the life of others.

Really beautiful poem. Remembering a loved one past gives us the strength to move forward. Thinking of my dad now, long past 20 now. Thinking of the laughter and happiness. we shared. Its a nice comfort to know we will meet again.

“Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent, leave the house before you find something worth staying in for. ”

“Were you alone or by yourself?”
I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated not to do anything.
I have a sixth sense, I see stupid people.

“If I knew you where coming I would have baked you a cake” Gus & David

I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re going’, and hook up with them later. #quote Mitch Hedberg

“Happiness is not a goal…it is a by-product of a life well lived”

Carson, eat a Snickers, you turn into Sarah Palin when you’re hungry [su_divider]