Image Edits Favorites

Image edits by artist Nicolas Ray Image edits by artist Nicolas Ray Image edits by artist Nicolas RayOne of my favorite pastimes during down time is working on image edits on my smartphone.  In my opinion, PicsArt ( Pics Art Photo Studio )which is a robust Android photo edit and creation software package that is easily downloaded on the Playstore, is by far the best solution.

These simple images were created then resized also using a smartphone Android app. When working on images, I tend to let the image itself dictate where it will take the manipulation. Turning simple and somewhat ordinary images into something a bit more unusual is just a perfect way to kill time. The images above are just some of the image edits favorites that I just completed.

More Image Edits

Sketch22294753 (2)This particular image on the left was an experiment that was completed by only using the pencil stylist on my phone Worked on the shadowing and lighting with the eraser and playing around with some different textures. Photography and the edit of images has now become a daily joy. Please enjoy some more edits utilizing Android apps plus the more traditional Photoshop images.

Winter Storm Image Edits

Image Edit by Artist Nicolas RayThe storm that hit the East Coast is still piling the snow at a rapid rate, this simple edit was taken out of my window while about 14 inches of white powder is resting on the ground.


Caution Idiot Ahead I-95 Observation

Caution Idiot Ahead Image by Nicolas Ray

Consistently traveling the I-95 corridor, a stretch of highway that spans from Maine to the Florida Keys and is always busy. The part that seems to have the most idiots is located in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey where the traffic is the heaviest. The thing about it is, if people would just drive … Read more