The Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude that makes up my main character trait has always been a blessing, and on a few occasions really saved me from an uncertain end. Being the classic “Leo”, I tend to be very loyal and sincere in my approach to my friends, family, and even strangers. Life has not always been easy, never thought it was supposed to be…but it’s my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. By the way, “Hi, my name is Nicolas Ray and welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my part of the world...The World According to  Nicolas Ray. I have over the last few months condensed all my online ventures and business’s so they just appear on this website. It was getting increasingly more difficult managing all my passions that were scattered all over the place so the decision was the only logical one that I could make. Photography, Graphics, Stories, Articles, and my painting business now appear in one place and all the websites that I own redirect to Thank You and please use the contact form to send me any advice or tips you may have. Cheers…

You may be wondering what happened to my website and tens of years of stories articles, and my life. In my effort to clean up my databases I removed a very important one. Will attempt to restore it, if not will start fresh and new.

Nicolas Ray Longboarding Sequence

Self-portrait sequence of me longboarding a Loaded Dervish Sama Board. Set the camera on a tripod and set it to shoot every three seconds. Then I just picked the frames and using Photoshop I created seven layers each with a different image. Since it was shot with a tripod the scenery stays the same and only the moving object is recorded. Think the image came out pretty well. The Image was taken in 2013 in Katonah, NY which is actually Bedford, NY…don’t ask, it’s very strange narrow-minded place that I m trying to forget.

“That is me in the very far lane wearing white shorts and a black shirt sporting a Loaded Board with orange Orangatang wheels.”

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  1. Hi, I saw your reply on Benjamin Moore paints 2015. I am interested in seeing how you used Guiford green or a similar color.
    I am currently working on my bedroom with dark maple furniture and a hunter green carpet. I am considering changing the carpet color. I have a beautiful hand-quilted double wedding ring quilt in jewel tones (65 different fabrics).

    I am a quilter and create embroidery. You can see my work on You might be interested in some of my work.

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