Exceptional Paint Review

Welcome to the Benjamin Moore Aura paints product review. Every once in a while a new paint is introduced into the market place that exceeds perfection and sets new standards on how painted finishes are applied.

The results, if properly executed are breath taking, rich in color, and exciting.  The old cliché that it “glows” could not be more true especially with a dificult dark color palette. The application of deep base colors such as  wine red or a hunter green over white walls would have taken many coats plus primer to achieve the desired result.

The Aura product is self priming and can be re-coated in one hour or so enabling you to complete a project much faster and with greater accuracy and success.

The finished walls will dry to the touch in a couple of hours but require twenty four hours to fully cure. The finish will have a very slight sheen, similar to a matte finish which is what gives it that special warmth and durability.

As mentioned, The Benjamin Moore Aura finish is self priming, but from my extensive experience in the coatings industry priming should still be completed on new sheetrock or walls that have had extensive wall repairs and patches. Small patches such as nail holes or color changes on walls or ceilings require no prime and may be finished with Aura.

The application of the finish has a slight learning curve but is easily mastered. When cutting in by brush apply a nice wet coat with your last stroke going into the wet paint. If a spot is accidently missed try to resist the temptation of trying to paint it until dry otherwise you can remove paint or “tear” it. Tearing is when the paint is just begining to set and you go back over with a brush not fully loaded resulting in removal or sagging of the painted surface. The same rule applies once you start rolling the walls out, try not to back into the area that has begun to set but instead catch the miss on your next coat. To achieve professional results complete a fast sand with 220 paper which takes just a couple minutes and serves as a way to perform a final inspection before the last coat is applied.

When it comes to the cost anyalisis of Aura paints it is priced ten to twenty dollars more per gallon then regular house paints.  But once you start weighing all the factors you quickly realize that its restrictive cost is actually a bargin that works out to be less expensive and faster. One factor especially with dark colors is spread rate or surface area to paint.  Lets take for example a room which messures 15×18 with 8 foot ceilings. Regular flat wall paint times two would equal almost two gallons plus prime. The Aura only requires one gallon and no prime. Assuming the average cost of a good quality paint is twenty seven dollars and a gallon of prime is seventeen dollars. Your materials cost would be just over seventy  dollars verses the fifty dollars for Aura – you just saved twenty dollars.  Also, in our busy hectic lives time is a commodity, so the removal of the need to prime plus the ability to re-coat in just one hour is a huge savings in time.

When the paint dries and the trim is painted and all the furniture, artwork, and flooring is back in place…the room is complete.  An extreme sense of pride of yet another project executed without flaw.

Benjamin Moore Aura paints just make life easier.”


Review by Nicolas Ray of Pigments Painting http:\pigmentspaint.com