Welcome, to all my enterprises and business passions.  It is a New Year and decided to try out some new formats. Please let me know your thoughts or ideas on how I can improve the performance and layout of the site.

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Pigments Painting - Stamford, Ct

Fine interior and exterior painting with an emphasis on preservation and restoration of your home. With thirty years of painting, carpentry, and specialty finishes, Pigments is so much more than just a paint company with new services always in the works. Call for some brainstorming ideas and free estimates.  Read More

Smash Tee Shirts and Graphics

My passion for graphics has led me to create Smash Tee Shirts and accessories for every age under the sun. Love to create and more importantly sell my creations. In business for about five years and sales are not slowing down. Don't get me wrong, this a full-time business that is just crazy fun that sitting behind the computer for hours utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator doesn't seem like work. Read More

The GoShops on Etsy

Specializing in Photography and handcrafted wood projects ranging from small doors, longboards, and birdhouses. Etsy is the perfect forum that offers a beautiful assortment of vintage, handmade, and original pieces of artwork. The Goshops has always been one of my top favorite websites and one that I tend to hold on to. Just recently I have been more focused on developing the brand. The results are beginning to show and with great feedback.   Read More

The GoShops on Ebay

Currently, with a 100 percent rating and 331 praises from customers, Ebay has been my little side project for many years. Researching what my options are to go full force in 2017. Developing a brand name is a challenge with any new online business and one has to figure cost associated verses profits or losses. My main issue with Ebay is the very steep pricing structure so the need to find something that is low cost and high profit to offset the overall cost is a difficult task.  Read More