Consistently traveling the I-95 corridor, a stretch of highway that spans from Maine to the Florida Keys and is always busy. The part that seems to have the most idiots is located in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey where the traffic is the heaviest. The thing about it is, if people would just drive instead of texting or talking on the phone, traffic jams, accidents, and stupidities could be drastically reduced. We would only have to deal with those moronic rubberneckers that slow traffic down for miles just to take a peak at some blood and guts on the road, get a life and drive. Just hate that, traffic is backed up for miles and when you finally get to the accident its free and clear, rubberneckers should be ticketed and fined.[su_divider style=”dotted”][su_divider][/su_divider]

Took this photograph while the traffic was dead still and it reads ” accident ahead” which translates to “Caution Idiot Ahead” which I thought was more appropriate. ¬†Anyway, that is my rant for the new year. Have a perfect and stay safe.

The original image was manipulated with an Android phone then fine tuned with Photoshop.