Photograph of disturbing hand images by Nicolas Ray

Disturbing Cell Phone Images

08-20140604_135801 07-20140604_135622 06-20140604_125738 05-20140604_125628 Please if you are squeamish don’t view the finger and hand images created one hundred percent by cell phone. Using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a simple symmetrical filter I created images of my hands. Somewhat interesting in that the photographs take on a personality of there own. The textures and image quality is really amazing.  I did use the standard frame selection then re sized all the disturbing images using a Play store app. Will list all the apps and filters.

04-20140604_113547 03-20140604_113420 02-20140604_113346 01-20140604_113247

Would love to know your thoughts and opinions on these photographs.

Cellular Park  The use of the cell phone as an art medium is an old idea. I strongly believe that using what one has to create something is very interesting. These photographs are of the Norwalk, Ct dog park. Just an amazing place, acres of park just for dogs to run free and mingle with each other.