[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 511″ limit=”3″ link=”lightbox” width=”750″ height=”300″]The disturbing image is actually a photograph of my hand which is then manipulated with Photoshop. The image was captured with my cell phone, set to its highest setting, against a white wall. Separation of the main object from the background is much simpler if the background is of a neutral background such as a white background, black, or even a sky setting. I then created a layer mask and simply picked the background color as a highlight and deleted it.

The next step was to create the transparent hole in the middle of the hand. Using the lasso tool I created a shape that I was pleased with for the moment, can always fine tune later. Then I deleted the selection and created several layers with the same shape for future use. The layer selection was picked and then right clicked to display the blending tools and palette. Then it was simply a question of adding shadow and depth to the whole. Then I highlighted the next layer hole I made and transformed the size to just a shade smaller and once again used the blending tools to create shadow, depth, and color. This went on for about four more layers, adding texture to the last one.

The next step was to merge the layers containing the holes and using the liquefy tool started to fine tune the hole to something more vile. Once satisfied, I saved the work space and focused my attention to the hand that had no depth, seemed flat and not interesting. Using the basic, burn, dodge, and sponge tool, I added shadow under each finger and in the joints. I also added some detail on the main artery on the wrist. Burned the whole and really tried to make the blood look a bit dried up. The next step was to use the render tool and add a single source of light, making part of the wrist in the dark. Once again I used the burn tool to make it really pop.

Once the image was just about what I wanted, I flattened all the layers and added “plastic wrap” in the artist section. Then using the file section picked a soft light and reduced the intensity. Didn’t want it to look like plastic wrap. Then it was time to add some interesting textures to the hand. Then the background image was created, its actually a photograph of a house that I took a while back. Converted it to a black and white image, and once again added a spot light effect, then the use of render lens flare to create the moon effect, toned down and diffused.

The last thing was to clean up the background of the hand and whole and blend the background with the for ground, once again flattened the image and used the lighting effect to complete it. Total work time was about 40 minutes or so. The original image is massive and shows a lot of detail. Let me know your thoughts on this image. Thanks again.