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Linux on a Crappy Old Computer by Nicolas Ray

Linux on a Crappy Old Computer

Let me start off by saying that the use of an old Crappy computer is not a reflection of the Linux operating system which is solid and a quality open source operating system. The choice to use an old computer versus using my current computer as a dual boot system was an easy choice to … Read more

Oak Stairs by Nicolas Ray Stamford Residence Basement Project

Stamford Residence Basement Project

The Stamford Residence basement project has been in the works for a few months now. The entire house has been updated and worked on including new lighting, removal of walls, new bathroom spaces, crown molding and new paneled doors now fill the house with elegance. The basement which is used a great deal did not … Read more

Fence on Stone Wall by Nicolas Ray

Router Tip Trick Handrail

This simple router tip trick will ensure that your projects come out clean, perfect, and yield a professional result. Currently installing a custom fence and rail on top of a new stone wall and patio. The top rail and the bottom rail had to mimic the post caps detail. Using a router and a makeshift table, … Read more

Pigments Painting Tree Bookcase Project

Tree Bookcase Project

The latest project that is in the works and is in the design stage. The plan is to create three trees that will hold some books, cherished objects, and also act as a very unique coat rack. The tree bookcase project will be stunning once completed and installed. Using MDF board which is very smooth … Read more


Chandelier Ceiling Repair and Patch

Simple solution to close a 1/4 gap that was around the top of a chandelier and ceiling. The issue was, the gap came to existence after a new electrical box and hanger was installed. This left a gap that was visible when entering the room and while sitting around the dinning room table. The eye immediately was drawn to the only … Read more

Artist Nicolas Ray's Article on Branding Yourself on YouTube

Updating YouTube Thumbnails To Brand Your Video

Being a strong advocate of branding at every opportunity and keeping your logo, theme, and banner consistent across all your web pages, blogs, and social media. Gone are the days of just having a website with your message, your product, or your service. With the advent of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google … Read more

Fireplace restored by artist Nicolas Ray

Paint Stripping Techniques

Paint Stripping Techniques Home Improvement Smart If you are a homeowner, crafter, or seasoned professional and everything in between and you are in the process of, or thinking about starting a new home improvement project that involves stripping stain or paint then this article is for you. Each product or technique will be explained and … Read more

Painter and Carpenter Nicolas Ray extends a wooden door by 3/4

Extending The Bottom of a Wooden Door

Total Project Time Per Door (Not Including Prime and Finish) 20 Minutes Welcome to Pigments Painting – and a fast tutorial on how to extend a door to close the gap. Adding a 3/4 inch addition to a short door that was cut down originally to accommodate carpeting. Hi, I’m Nicolas Ray of Pigments Painting … Read more

Nicolas Ray's Favorite Extreme Sport Longboarding

Longboarding The Perfect Sport

Skateboarding began in 1959 in Hawaii for surfers who saw the tides were too low or rough. Skateboarding made way for longboarding. Longboarding history comes from teenagers who wanted to surf when there were not safe waves, but were not comfortable with the short and narrow boards of skateboarding. If one is not comfortable on … Read more