Total Project Time Per Door (Not Including Prime and Finish) 20 Minutes Welcome to Pigments Painting – and a fast tutorial on how to extend a door to close the gap. Adding a 3/4 inch addition to a short door that was cut down originally to accommodate carpeting. Hi, I’m Nicolas Ray of Pigments Painting and this is just another project that is on the last few days of completion. Stamford, CT

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  • The first thing on the list is to determine how much of a gap you would like to have on the bottom of your door. In this situation, I wanted to keep the gap 1/2 or less.
  • Step two would be to remove the door from its hinges, in most cases you can just slide the pins out which saves a lot of time re-installing the door. If not you will have to unscrew the hinges.
  • The next step will be to attach the wood strip to the bottom of the door. Rough cut a piece larger but at the correct thickness.
  • Apply a generous coating of carpenters wood glue on the strip and door and join the strip to the bottom of the door. Use an appropriate size screw to affix. Example 3/4″ strip equals 1″ 1/2″ screw. I like to predrill the holes. Start from the center point and work out to the sides. Remove excess glue from the door. Let dry.
  • Next, rough cut using a jigsaw all the extra wood from around the door. At this point it does not have to be pretty.
  • Using a belt sander or plainer remove and smooth out the wood strip. If you measured correctly, leave the clean bottom of the door alone. Its square and smooth.
  • Now to fine tune the slight joint line that may be visible. I like to use wood Bondo which is a permanent and fast dry. Two part mixture. Or you can apply a simple spackle on the joint. Wait until fully dry and sand using a random orbital sander or sandpaper wrapped around a block.
  • Clean and dust then fit the door on the hinges to determine its fit.
  • Prime and finish with the appropriate finish of your choice.
  • Beautiful and permanent. If you have difficulty, or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks