The Means To Hybrid End

This article assumes that your decision to attempt suicide has already been made and the means of suicide has also been determined. With thousands of choices available to you in the method of suicide this article is specific to just one of those methods. The classic running automobile in the sealed  garage with death occurring from high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning or the variation of the theme, hose from exhaust to the interior of the drivers cabin.

Research and Information

Being a strong advocate of doing things well and with great care the list should only be used as a springboard on your journey of research and self destruction. The task of suicide is a very personal and private affair and should not be taken likely. Having available current information might save you needless embarrassment and keep you out of the suicide ward.

Alternative Suicide Methods

If all you have on hand is a hybrid automobile then you might need to get a bit creative with your suicide attempt. We already know that on almost all hybrids the engine shuts off when stopped or falls below a certain speed, making suicide impossible. If you are really motivated you could set up some kind of roller system, like a treadmill that your wheels would ride on thus allowing you to reeve the car up to the desired speed for the combustion engine to engage to create the exhaust. Or a more simple solution would be to just raise the drive wheels on a jack similar to the scene on Ferris Buellers Day off when they were trying to shed miles off the Ferrari by going in reverse.

Option Two:

The second option would be to raise the car up on jacks, place you body under the automobile¬† and kick out the jack with your feet thus crushing you. This method is better suited for heavier people but still only has a 9% success rate. Actually, this method might be more advantageous to attempt being that even when hybrid cars are running on fuel they are so efficient that the exhaust omissions are very small thus taking hours to complete the task of suicide. (Revert to pre 1980’s automobiles.)

Additional Problems With The Modern Automobile

Other major flaws in attempting to commit suicide by hybrid automobile or any modern car is air quality regulations on automobiles are very strict plus the addition of catalytic converters makes suicide a very difficult endeavor. Older cars without these converters contained up to twenty five percent carbon monoxide verses the newer automobiles that eliminate ninety nine percent of CO Produced. As a further complication, the amount of un-burned gasoline in emissions can make exhaust unbearable to breathe well before losing consciousness.

Supplies Needed

Items that would be of great help to complete the task of committing suicide:

  • Garage – not too large one car garage with low ceilings – The smaller the space the better for obvious reasons – takes less time to fill with CO
  • Long rubber hose – This is for option 2 attaching a hose from the exhaust to the inside of the drivers cabin. With this method garage size doesn’t matter and in fact you can pick any scenic setting to start your selfish act.
  • Roll of duct tape and old rags or clothing – Very useful for sealing up any open areas around windows or garage doors and to affix hose to the tailpipe.
  • Older vehicle maybe pre 1980 but new car will work in a pinch. (No Hybrids)
  • Something to read or pad and paper. Might take time to complete the task at hand plus you can spend time writing your suicide note or last Hubpages
  • Gasoline in the tank at least half tank – This is self explanatory and would be embarrassing to run out of fuel before death occurs.

The Worst Hybrid Cars To Commit Suicide

This brings us to the list of the worst Hybrid cars to attempt suicide with. Starting in reverse order from worst to absolute worst automobile: Source List

  1. Lexus CT 200h
  2. Honda Insight
  3. Honda Civic Hybrid
  4. Toyota Prius c
  5. Toyota Prius Liftback

In Hybrid Conclusion

From my countless hours of sifting through all the automobile specs and reading up on “green” technologies, I have concluded that Hybrid automobiles are a wonderful and viable m

Suicide is Never the Answer

The Hub was intended to be light and humorous but in reality attempting suicide is a very serious proposition and options and solutions do exist. Before considering suicide discus it with close friends or family. Use whatever means you have, articles, Hubs, forums, and help lines to get what you are feeling out. We all understand that sometimes life is just horrible, unbearable, and full of pain but suicide is not the best answer and also causes a lot of suffering to loved ones. I know, have lost a close friend to suicide and the damage of the act has destroyed the family. Listed below is a great source that has someone to talk to or you can just listen in on the chat rooms.