Rolls Royce of Longboards

Yes, love the warmer weather especially when one gets to enjoy the afternoon on a four foot longboard. This particular longboard is custom made using a solid oak piece of wood, stained mahogany and the bottom lacquered black. Stick on a pair of crimson paris trucks fitted with Orangetang Nipples, add some crappy wheels, some bearings and your ready to bomb the neighborhood long hills.

Currently, my collection of seventeen longboards are sitting dormant for the time being anticipating many days finding time to hit the road. But, using a home brewed four foot monster longboard is very satisfying. Especially one that a lot of time was spent perfecting the correct wheel base to board ratio for my height and weight. Using my phones gps with a speedometer app my top speed for the day was 34.6 mph. It felt sure and solid and was extremely comfortable when digging in with some deep carving…feels more like a surfboard.

The only issue with a solid wood four foot monster longboard is that it is not the most portable, meaning you can’t really lug it around the city, or take it in the subway.  The sole purpose of the deck is to cruise the local hills and have a comfortable enjoyable ride. It’s the Rolls Royce of longboards…you keep it in the garage and take it out once in a while just to get the cobwebs out.

Loaded Tesseract Top Favorite Longboard

My daily longboard and one of the most versatile is the Loaded Tesseract which by far is the most fun. Bombing hills, carving, skate park, technical riding, free riding, city cruising, it does it all. Very light and easy to transport.

Anyway, worked a good day and finished with a longboard ride. Working on two projects at the moment which will finish sometime next week. Longboard 39 made out of cardboard with one aluminum cross beam for the mounting of trucks. The cardboard is great, you can shape it with ease. Will fiberglass the board after and apply four coats of clear finish. Do a fancy grip tape job on it. Find some super light trucks and wheels. Will include a future article on the subject.  The last project is a braking system for the four foot lonboard which is almost complete. Have a perfect and thanks.