This was one of the most enjoyable photographic projects to complete and very interesting speaking to all the people, creating a bond. Plus it makes for a much more powerful image in the “Gallery Photographs Portraits” Although some of the portraits were shot in a candid mode (street photography) without the person knowing the image was being created. I did try to engage the subject either before or after the fact, love to learn as much as possible about the person. The image description start from left to right. Thanks again and please let me know what you think. 

The Cuban Waiter

Living anywhere for a time, one gets into a routine, stopping to pick up your morning coffee on your drive to work. My time in South Beach, seven years was no exception. This Cuban diner was located in the heart of South Beach on Collins Avenue. Very authentic décor or I should say, the original décor from 30 years ago. But the food, coffee, and staff were exceptional and that is really what matters. This particular waiter has been in the establishment for 30 proud years. He has a very composed elegant stature about him, never speaks but instead offers an occasional sincere smile. The perfect subject for a candid photograph. Placing the camera on the shiny faux marble counter and shooting off just a couple shots, never really looking in the viewfinder. I captured one of my favorite images and decided to Photoshop it just slightly to highlight the subject even more, removed all color except for the main subject.[su_divider]

 Metro Stop Portrait

This image was taken on the fly, saw the image – people without faces and the setup was perfect symmetry. Quickly positioned myself and shot off one image before they moved again. I personally love the challenge of spending one micro second to compose and quickly hit the shutter release. The image was great fun and no manipulation was needed. [su_divider]

Miami Mime

Walking down the famous Lincoln Road in South Beach, street performers, musicians, and artist all compete for the locals and tourist dollars.  Some, in my opinion shine more than others like this mime that spends hours without motion and the costume is well executed. The combination of the motionless subject with the ever changing lighting situation makes for a perfect photo session. I have actually shot hundreds of images but had to settle for just one. Strong contrast, shadows, and great detail make this image one of the most talked about. No manipulation was perform with this image. [su_divider]

Surreal American Dream

South Point Park located on the outskirts of South Beach offers a bit of solitude in a very hectic environment. Enjoy the casual walk and admiring the scenery I came upon a couple that was enjoying the quiet time. Since my nature is not to disturb people I walked quietly passed and circled around like a photographic vulture. Sat down in the grass and set up a small tripod and camera, took some sample shots just to get the proper exposure and set it up to this surreal scene. Waited just a few moments and captured this image. White picket fence, two typical beach chairs, and a couple catching up on some reading. The image was shot in RAW format and is a massive file that even shows the curled finger around the paper. No image correction was performed. [su_divider]

Women Seagulls Feeding Frenzy

Just loved the entire composition of the this scene from the women in leopard print to the circling and frenzied birds. She was really enjoying this moment almost as much as the seagulls. The subject mixed with the slightly hazed sky really sets this photograph apart. The backdrop of South Beach landmarks, the sand, the ocean, and hundreds of birds with this women as the center point. No image correction was performed.[su_divider]


Proud Security Officer

Retail stores up and down the main drag of South Beach have to utilize private security to combat the string of smash and grab occurrences. This particular officer was pristine in appearance and stature. His attire was pressed and pristine, every button, belt holster, and shoes were also shiny and without flaw. We have spoken a few times so he agreed to let me shoot a few photographs. With a slight desaturation of color of the background to bring more focus to the main subject I came up with this image. Yes, I did print one for him. Let me know your thoughts. [su_divider]

Nicolas Photographs Nicholas

Taking a train trip on Miami’s attempt of mass transit system yielded me this portrait of my friend Nicholas.  Actually, he is one of the easiest people to photograph, pleasant smile and crazy fun personality. Must have gone thru a phase of removing background color to enhance the main subject just like this image shows. Regardless, the end result in my opinion works well. [su_divider]