Okay, truthfully this is my third Loaded Dervish Sama board so you can pretty much assume that this board is perfect which completes my review. But really the first two boards I purchased became gifts to my friends or I should say, the first deck was acquired on loan to one of my friends in New York which he has not returned. The second was a gift to one of my artist friends that was riding some homemade no thrills board, needless to say he now has thrill when pushing is new Dervish Sama.

This deck pictured above was just purchased from Utopia in Norwalk and sports some new refinements in my longboarding arsenal. Of course the deck, fiberglass and bamboo Flex 2 which gives me enough flex to free-ride without hesitation and is stable at high speeds without any speed wobble or wheel bite. I can use any size wheel I choose but made the decision to include some purple Orangetang Stimulus wheels which give me comfort and allows me to slide at will. I have also upgraded to the ceramic bearings which add an additional one hundred dollars to the bill but well worth it.

The trucks are Carver trucks which also add another one hundred dollars to the bill but wanted to really have the perfect ride. You can never go wrong buying the best sports equipment. The trucks are rock solid and turn on command without any bounce back. Super light but with tons of meat giving you the confidence to pretty much tackle any situation. The quality and workmanship is really beautiful, every detail including the logo is spotless.In a nutshell, the Loaded Dervish Sama can be a crazy ride, the deck, and setup accelerates with ease. Using my GPS on my cellular and hitting the back country hills have hit speeds of 42 miles per hour without any issues of confidence.

The deck host an impressive array of concave mixed with the tails and nondirectional footing makes looking your feet into place super easy. The grip tape is also well thought out with the more aggressive pattern on the ends and the less aggressive tape on the inside make it very comfortable.

With thirteen complete decks in my collection mostly Loaded Boards, the Sama is pretty much my first pick to hit the streets. I would rate this volume 11 out of 10. Perfect rideā€¦