Skateboarding began in 1959 in Hawaii for surfers who saw the tides were too low or rough. Skateboarding made way for longboarding. Longboarding history comes from teenagers who wanted to surf when there were not safe waves, but were not comfortable with the short and narrow boards of skateboarding. If one is not comfortable on a skateboard, then it is a tenet of longboarding safety to find a board more suited. Any longboarding review should take into account the safety rating of brands. Longboards are wider and longer than skateboards meaning they can move more comfortably at faster speeds, but they are less able to do tricks.

There are a number of longboarding techniques which users can learn and perfect. Drifting is used when the longboard loses traction during a turn. The technique slows the board around a turn which would be too tight to make. Another braking technique is the foot brake. This is when the rider puts their foot on the road or sidewalk while riding. This slows the board or allows the rider to come to a full stop. Air braking is when the rider stands upright on their longboard and stretches out their arms. This catches the most possible wind resistance and slows them gradually. It works better with high speeds, but is not an effective stopping method.

Carving is used in longboarding when going at high speeds. The rider winds their board in S-shaped curves (moving left and right). This controls the speed and slows the rider down. Boardwalking is when the rider moves their feet up and down the deck. Riders can incorporate elaborate moves for show. Slide braking is when the rider turns the board to the side on a downhill ride. This is used for quick stops. The rider will sometimes put their hands down to stabilize. It is suggested the rider wear gloves for this reason.

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2 thoughts on “Longboarding The Perfect Sport”

  1. We all know that longboarding is a very risky. So, you have to be conscious and know about everything before longboarding. So, longboarding techniques are so important to enjoy a better riding.

    1. Thank You Seth, yes, I agree longboarding has its risk as all other extreme sports. Knowing about safety and keeping your equipment in perfect condition are key. Learning the techniques are also crucial, stopping, and speed checks are I think the top two. By the way great Longboarding website you have.

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