Chloe is the Beagle Terrier Mix

Thought I would spend three minutes and give my dog her brief moment in the internet spotlight. My Perfect Dog Chloe. Pretty much never does anything wrong ever, which is just great with me. As all dogs are creatures of habit and routines, Chloe is not exempt from that. Starts the day still sleeping in her cozy tent from Ikea (Children's Dept), but the second she catches any movement from me (5:30 am) she jumps on the bed and wants to get inside the sheets.  Time for her first outing for a quick one, morning treat, and back to bed. Coffee time for me, shower, and a half hour of computer time before heading out to work. Chloe pretty much goes with me to almost every job site and loves all my clients and the family dogs. Plays and follows me around for most of the time, then she seems to get bored and kick back somewhere.

Clean up time, pack it up, and she is ready for the commute home. Play for a bit and its dinner time around 6 pm. One of her habits is spreading her food around, not the tidiest dog when it comes to dinner. I think she knows that it bothers me because I clean it every day. Now it's quiet time, a bit of computer time, dinner, and fast walk. She gets a piece of dog bacon every day sometime after dinner and never finishes dinner until she eats the bacon, pretty funny habit.

That concludes the thrilling life of my perfect dog, side not she loves to ride longboards with me in the late evening, although she has not gone solo as of yet.

Have a perfect weekend


Chloe Ray


Letter that Chloe wrote that was included in a present to a friend


Hello Name Deleted

Found this when Nicolas took me to the pet store…

I know that you miss your crazy dog…

You do realize she is always trying to eat me…

Anyways, I digress off into random tangents…

Please enjoy your cheap substitute for the real thing…

On the good points, no feeding or cleaning up messes that come out of both ends. Yes, very crude...but still funny.

I miss you tons, I remember that you were always very sweet when you saw me. I think Nicolas misses the two of you also.

He did also mention that you just got hitched…

Talk about being out the loop, no one told me. Ouch!

So really big congratulations to you and Dillon.  

Love and whatever humans say next.