Sometimes during down time or on a break I enjoy using my Samsung Note 4 phone to create images. This particular image was created with PicsArt, one of the most complete and powerful image edit and creation Android Apps. Pigments Painting Phone Image was just great fun to create.

The image is of just a simple back alley doorway which I then later added the light, trees, and an image of myself. Using layers and textures almost like Photoshop I created a vintage poster of sorts. I think it came out pretty well considering I was using a phone.

The original image is very large so I used an Android  image reducer to get this smaller image. Love using the power of what most of us already have in our pockets. Smartphones have evolved into an information and creation tool.

Animated Gif Using PicsArt Studio

This animated gif shows the progression of the layers that created this graphic. Have a perfect day.