Pigments Painting Stamford Basement ProjectThe Stamford Residence basement project has been in the works for a few months now. The entire house has been updated and worked on including new lighting, removal of walls, new bathroom spaces, crown molding and new paneled doors now fill the house with elegance. The basement which is used a great deal did not reflect the feel and cleanliness of the house. I will break the basement project down into various phases which will allow for fine tuning of plans and problem areas that need to be addressed. Working with electricians and plumbers to bring the project to a beautiful conclusion.

The project started off with just some simple wall repairs and the removal of some very old carpeting that originally spanned the entire basement. The next step was to remove the poor condition steps and risers and update them with new solid oak steps and new risers. In order to accomplish the task, the removal of all the paneled walls needed to be completed, opening up the stairway. The next unplanned step was the removal of all the 2x3s which really opened up the stairway. Installing the steps was completed and a new idea was introduced which opened up the stairway even more(Phase Two)

The removal of the space under the stairway was the next logical step, sheetrock was installed and a new clean space created. Basically, Phase one was to remove all the old dirty moldy wood and replace anything that was damaged with new and fresh materials.