tiny house sketch

Tiny House Research and Planning Project

Shipping containers meet a variety of requirements: Modern. Check. Low-cost. Check. Environmentally-friendly. Check. Really would love to build a modern container home which are very popular in Europe and slowly catching attention here in the States. Currently costing out land and the actual purchase of all materials. Would like to keep it below $30,000 which … Read more

cardboard longboard project by Nicolas Ray

Cardboard Longboard Project

The project idea of creating a cardboard longboard came to me while searching Youtube for similar projects without any luck. I then started to really research the net for longboards or skateboards utilizing cardboard for its construction,¬† also without much success. Turning a stack of cardboard into a longboard has many design issues associated with … Read more

Harper Lee Blog Travel Adventures by Nicolas Ray

Harper Lee Blog Project

HARPER LEE TRAVEL ADVENTURES BLOG Life Lived Happy is Life Lived Well The creation of a free WordPress Blog for a friend of mine Harper Lee and her many wonderful adventures around the globe. We decided to go for a free website for ease of maintenance and logistics, sometimes very difficult¬†to pay for the service … Read more