“Really” the many faces of this wonderful word that can express an infinite array of emotions and feelings. Learn the secret of its proper use and when it’s appropriate to use such a powerful word.

“Really” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The word “really” is such a fantastic expression of any and all feelings that one needs to convey at any given moment that it can be used exclusively and without discrimination on gender, religion, or social background. The most appealing aspect of the usage of the word “really” is that it is not offensive in the sense of the more traditional swear words therefore very suitable to use on any occasion or event without exposing yourself to the sometimes hostile repercussions of the lower class usage of common cuss words.

Is “Really” Really Dated? Really?

“Really” by some standards may be a dated word…passé, and possibly grouped with such antiquated words such as “awesome”  or “cool” and the classic “groovy”. But unlike these examples, the word “really” can be slipped in unnoticed in any sentence without sticking out like a dog in a cat convention.

To properly use “really” depends on the situation and how it’s punctuated or dressed.  When the correct usage, tone, and timing has been implemented the word “really” takes on a life of its own and can be a very powerful friend. It can express concern, interest, be sarcastic, express anger, or any feeling that your imagination can create.

Question Really Most Powerful

The most common of all usage is the question, “really?” which is actually the most complex and can express a multitude of emotions. “That didn’t really happen, did it?” or “Is that really necessary?” or “Really?” usually in a sharp fast blurb which expresses interest. By the same token the word used again by itself, “reallllly?” with a long emphasis on the “LY” can express unbelief in what was just said. Once again the word “realllllllllllly?” with the extreme exaggeration of the “LLLLLLY” will express disinterest or sarcasm and will more often than not, leave your projected target wondering what the hell just happened?

Caution Using “Really” Exclamation

Exclamation following “really!” works well but may be considered a bit hostile in tone for most situations and my have undesired results. Of course proper use may also include exhilaration, extreme joy, or excitement such as when on a rollercoaster ride and you are screaming, “Reallllly!!!!!! all the way through the loop the loop. Other use of the exclamation may include  doing something really stupid…for example cutting off your toe with the lawnmower, actually in this example I would tend to resort to the more traditional swear words. Please practice caution when playing around with the exclamation, not for the amateur.

The tone is really the key for the perfect execution of “really” and one that needs much  practice to master. In general. your tone should always be firm and calm, own the word as if was something you really love.

Really Why Write About Really?

Bringing back the word “really” was out of frustration more than anything else, my need to have a defense against people, mostly strangers was needed to feel in control again, to have the last word…really. Standing at 6’1″ tall, thin but not unhealthy, I found myself in uncomfortable situations more and more often. Example, on many occasions during my visit to the local supermarket perfect strangers, always women that usually suffered from being horizontally challenged, found the need to express their opinion that I was too skinny. Totally oblivious to my feelings on the matter. Can you image if we all spoke exactly what we are thinking, everyone would be just overwhelmed in low self image.

With the amount of information and health hazards associated with obesity and my good nature, happy go lucky attitude, I simply utter the only word that is needed to tame the situation and so far has left the protagonist speechless…reallllllllyyyyyy?

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