The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Reviews


Linux on a Crappy Old Computer by Nicolas Ray

Linux on a Crappy Old Computer

Let me start off by saying that the use of an old Crappy computer is not a reflection of the Linux operating system which is solid and a quality open source operating system. The choice to use an old computer versus using my current computer as a dual boot system was an easy choice to … Read more

Board Emporium Review by Nicolas Ray

Board Emporium Review

Board Emporium Review Being a longboard enthusiast, always scouring the internet for the latest decks and equipment, it’s easy to forget that we all started off as beginners. This leads me to The Board Emporium, a relatively new website, which doesn’t diminish the amount of useful information that they publish on a very frequent basis, … Read more

Writers Block by Nicolas Ray

Stopping Writers Block

Stopping Writers Block Really outstanding low tech writing tool that just forces you to just write and not worry about editing or concerning yourself with formatting. You can set the time from five minutes up to sixty minutes. The issue is and what is most appealing is, if you pause for more than five seconds, … Read more

GoShops on Ebay by Nicolas Ray

Premium Domains For Sale

Welcome and thanks for taking the time. Over the last few months I have been listing and liquidating some of my domains. Currently have them listed on eBay –  – my reputation and service are exceptional.  If you have any additional questions please use the contact form. Thanks

Pigments Painting Image created by Artist Nicolas Ray

Pigments Painting Phone Image

Sometimes during down time or on a break I enjoy using my Samsung Note 4 phone to create images. This particular image was created with PicsArt, one of the most complete and powerful image edit and creation Android Apps. Pigments Painting Phone Image was just great fun to create. The image is of just a … Read more

Brain Map Resolutions of Nicolas Ray

2016 New Years Resolutions

Having decided to get a jump on 2016, I created a Mind Map of some of the things I would like to accomplish and correct with my life. The 2016 New Years resolutions goal is simple, make it much more interesting and full of new friends, situations, and stories. Most of us become complacent with our … Read more

Review by Nicolas Ray of the Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard

Loaded Dervish Sama Review

The Loaded Dervish Sama Review Okay, truthfully this is my third Loaded Dervish Sama board so you can pretty much assume that this board is perfect which completes my review. But really the first two boards I purchased became gifts to my friends or I should say, the first deck was acquired on loan to … Read more

Rant Hostmonster Worst Provider by Nicolas Ray

Switching Hosting Providers

Hostmonster One of the Worst Hosting Providers After tens of years with my host provider and thousands of dollars and hundreds of domains under my belt, switching was not an easy task.  Over the course of the last year,  give our take,  service from Hostmonster really diminished to the point of frustration. Customer service took … Read more

Review by Nicolas Ray of Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review

Exceptional Paint Review Welcome to the Benjamin Moore Aura paints product review. Every once in a while a new paint is introduced into the market place that exceeds perfection and sets new standards on how painted finishes are applied. The results, if properly executed are breath taking, rich in color, and exciting.  The old cliché … Read more

eCommerce shopping cart review by Nicolas Ray

Ecomerce Shopping Carts 2 Reviews Cashie Cart and Open Cart

Shopping Carts – 2 Reviews Cashie Cart and Open Cart. Two of the best shopping carts I have used. Both are free, one simple to use on your blog, website, the other is a full blown hardcore, web store, shopping cart. Both very easy to understand.  During the course of developing my store, shopping carts … Read more


Excellent Web Developer CopyCat  My constant search for an expert web developer ended when I met CEO Chris Holtzlander, of CopyCat. I used to spend hours uploading content to my websites which became almost a chore. CopyCat and their team introduced me to WordPress and Joomla. Originally, I thought those were for blogging. Deciding to go with there recommendation, … Read more


NDesigns Teams Up with Cashie

Talk about super easy shopping cart. They only charge .01 percent transaction fee. Setup is so easy, even a caveman could do it. Cashie is the fastest way to start selling on your website or blog. No programming skills? No worries. Just copy and paste a few lines of code into your website and you’ve … Read more