Very pleased with my latest domain purchase of and with an appraised value of over $3000 at this very moment. This now makes my current domain holdings 142 which is a bit shy from last years number because sold off a few. Have decided to actually develop Smash Tee and make it a brand and have crazy fun just doing whatever crazy idea that pops into my brain. Still playing around with the format and design of the site, lots of coding and figuring out how to make things pop and visually interesting while keeping things moving and fast.

Smash Tee Step by Step

I will document almost every aspect of the site and its creation and how I kept the speed of this graphical site fast. Listing all the plugins and short codes used. This post will be continuously updated with everything that is required to launch a successful website and hopefully make a bit of income while doing so.

Smash Tee Components

So far this theme plus these basic plugins have kept my page speed at very except able levels. You can check your speed and follow the directions to increase the speed with Googles Page Speed Insight.

Smash Tee Shirts