Writers Block by Nicolas Ray

Stopping Writers Block

Stopping Writers Block

Writers Block by Nicolas RayReally outstanding low tech writing tool that just forces you to just write and not worry about editing or concerning yourself with formatting. You can set the time from five minutes up to sixty minutes. The issue is and what is most appealing is, if you pause for more than five seconds, everything is lost and a red screen pops up saying “you lost”. But if you continue on and complete the task, a green screen appears at which time you can highlight and copy the text to paste onto your blog or application. Works well and once you get past the stress, which by the way is the point of this very simple and very effective online app page. Will try to access it via my smartphone. The paragraph below was my first attempt and last a grueling five minutes. The Most Dangerous Writing App 

Five Minutes Start Attempt 1 – The Most Crazy App
This is the most crazy app that I have had the pleasure of using. It forces you to continuously keep on writing. If you should happen to stop, everything that you just finished working on will vanish into the wind. Very nerve wrecking indeed. Still have almost three minutes left of writing what ever happens to pop into my little mind. So far so good, but if I pause for more than five seconds, this app will self destruct. The wonderful thing is that it will also improve your accuracy when typing and make your workflow progress at a much faster rate. Now with about two minutes left, my brain is really beginning to feel the burn.
Speaking of Bern, Mr Sanders seems to be doing really well. I would really hate it if Trump is our next president and will be prepared to move to Spain In conclusion. Thank You
The End…

Five Minutes Start Attempt 2 – Hindering the Creative Process

Being my second attempt to use this most awkward writers block app, I must be a glutton for punishment. Some may say that doing this will prevent the creative process. The idea does have merit, running against a clock does add the extra pressure and makes you not really focus on the actual topic at hand…the creative process. I may or may not continue to use this or better yet the idea of using my countdown timer on my phone as my indicator thus removing the additional stress associated with this. Currently just writing for the sake of writing and not really paying attention to what is actually being said. Just like that poorly written sentence that was just a  mess.

Five Minutes Start Attempt 3 – Ramblings About Evolution of Computers

Trying to discipline myself and eventually attempt to expand the time that I use this app to the full sixty minutes of non stop writing. I did notice that the speed of my typing has increased and would imagine that eventually I would be up to speed and maintain at least a sixty – eighty word per minute speed. This brings me back to freshmen year of high school when I was in typing class, yes typing class which was an elective. In retrospect, that class proved most valuable and was the stepping stone into the computer age. Computers at the time were not even sold in stores but instead were offered at such places as Heath Kit or Tandy. Our first computer which was the as powerful as a cheap calculator cost in the thousands of dollars and as large as a small automobile. My second computer was a Timex Sinclair  and we were able to program in basic. We designed games and some complex binary images. Then the we had a Mac Classic, 286, 386, Pentium, P1, P2, P3, and what ever came after that. Back in the day we knew languages and could make computers actually do some amazing things. Now, we take it for granted that technology is at our finger tips and cost next to nothing. Not having a computer in school is not an option and in most situations is required.