Nicolas Ray's perfect dog Chloe

Perfect Dog Chloe

Thought I would spend three minutes and give my dog her brief moment in the internet spotlight. My Perfect Dog Chloe. Pretty much never does anything wrong ever, which is just great with me. As all dogs are creatures of habit and routines, Chloe is not exempt from that. Starts the day still sleeping in … Read more


Why Do Some Women Seek Horrible Abusive Men

The Abusive Outcome is Never Good The reasons why some women seek abusive men will vary. It could be one reason, or a combination of several. Unfortunately, the outcome of these relationships can be disastrous, and will certainly do more harm than good to the self-confidence of women. Those who take the time to understand … Read more


Prison Time 10 Year Dream- Story Repercussions of Alcohol Abuse

Birth of a Dream “Yeah, I had a dream once. I really believed it could happen too. I spent years trying to make it come true. Ten years of my life were fully dedicated to that damn dream. Look where it got me,” I said, staring at the prison psychiatrist. He was the typical Freudian … Read more


Funny Farm – A COW STORY Silly Creative Story

The sun rose over the farm again… Cow noticed that it kept doing that. She was thankful really, even though it hurt her eyes. While it was dark, Farmer made Sheep make strange noises and Cow always wondered if she was next. Then there were also roving bands of drunken rednecks with nothing better to … Read more


The Meaning of Creativity – Gentrification Story

Very creative short story depicting the progression of a section of a city that was gentrified over time. The underlying theme of the story is the search for the true meaning of creativity. Crazy Story. Once upon a time there was a city whose mayor believed in order and organization, and above all in planning, … Read more

Image by Nicolas Ray

Tent City Story

“POW” I suppose we, myself and the rest of the inmates of ” Tent City ” were pioneers, we set the example, or should I say, an example was made of us… Three-forty-five in the early winter morning, sleeping outside in military tents. Twenty-five inmates stacked on metal bunks with just the essentials. One or … Read more

Photograph by Nicolas Ray

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Artist Nicolas Ray creates a Volkswagen Bug Image

Five Worst Hybrid Cars To Commit Suicide

The Means To Hybrid End This article assumes that your decision to attempt suicide has already been made and the means of suicide has also been determined. With thousands of choices available to you in the method of suicide this article is specific to just one of those methods. The classic running automobile in the … Read more

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“Really” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

“Really” the many faces of this wonderful word that can express an infinite array of emotions and feelings. Learn the secret of its proper use and when it’s appropriate to use such a powerful word. “Really” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility The word “really” is such a fantastic expression of any and all feelings … Read more

Evolution of Slavery by Nicolas Ray

The Evolution of Slavery

From the original settlements in the Americas through the American Revolution, the institution of slavery evolved into the system we remember it as today. The myth is a Gone With The Wind plantation where blacks and whites coexisted as one big family, and the black slaves were part of the household. The reality is a … Read more


Story of Jenny

Story of Jenny In a far off land, where the men were men and the women were too, lived the manliest man of all. Her name was Jenny. Said Jenny one day, “I must walk my fish before it gets cold.” And so she did. With leash, and whip, and fruit in hand, she set … Read more


Mad Frenzy Feast

The story begins in Bayside Marina, Miami Fl. I was taking pictures of the boats when I came across two men unloading the catch of the day. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that made the observation. Several Pelican’s started to assemble. Quickly, finished up my existing roll, so I could reload, … Read more


Creative Writing The Love Letter

“Two cents postage due,” the day guard said, slipping a rubber band bound packet of mail through the bars to first offender, Mel Hulsey. The prisoner, wrinkled almost as much as the prison issued denim he wore, raised himself from the bunk. He observed that the offering was wrapped in a folded issue of Rodeo Monthly. The Marlboro Man … Read more


Notice Of Revocation Of Independence

Author unknown but should be congratulated… To the citizens of the United States of America,In the light of your failure to elect a President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the vocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will assume monarchical duties over … Read more

White Mist Poem created by Artist Nicolas Ray

White White Mist

1:00 AM Full Moon – White, white mist rolls quietly over the valley, the atmosphere is razor sharp.  Black mountain silhouettes protrude from the ground – gently lit by the brilliance of the moon.  The slight variations of black on black, on gray over white sets a surreal backdrop.  Fireflies dance in the well-defined blackness … Read more

Story about Griffin created by Artist Nicolas Ray

Marlboro Man

          Smooth clean natural cigarettes, with a taste like no other.  People say God! those things really stink, your clothes smell like smoke, your fingertips look yellow like your teeth, which eventually will turn black.  Not always… The story of Griffin starts close to thirty years in the past when life was … Read more


Creative Writing Story 1

Once upon a time, back in the days when all men walked on two straight legs and had opposable thumbs, there lived a particular fellow. Particular he was, and composed of microscopic bits of matter, so it is undeniably true. This particle-man had a problem, which taxed him day and night. Particle-man, or Pman for … Read more