Hostmonster One of the Worst Hosting Providers

After tens of years with my host provider and thousands of dollars and hundreds of domains under my belt, switching was not an easy task.  Over the course of the last year,  give our take,  service from Hostmonster really diminished to the point of frustration. Customer service took hours to get through,  usually with no results.  On several occasions sites that had thousands of pages and took years to fine tune where all of a sudden riddled with error messages and databases that no longer functioned. In essence they could not fix the issue and opted to reset which cost me years of time and work. Read Customer Complaints

Recently, I kept receiving emails that said my databases exceeded system specifications. No problem, started removing and compacting the files but still needed assistance. Called Hostmonster and waited with speakerphone on so as not to waste more time. Forty five minutes passed and finally spoke to a IT service representative. Explaining the situation as he viewed my files, he informs me that there has been phishing emails going around. I mentioned that I checked the header of the email and it originated from Hostmonster. I asked if he could delete any unused databases, which he said he could not. After hanging up without unsatisfactory results, my sites were all down, my service was suspended. I was crazy angry and had to call again. After more time, spoke to yet another customer service representative that said I have exceeded my database limits and would have to upgrade service to continue. I was super hot now, hung up and started deleting databases removing websites. Called again and they scanned the databases and of course un-suspended my service. Hung up and immediately started saving by exporting all my files and sites.

GoDaddy Provider Makes Hosting Interesting Again

Went to my domain manager and unlocked all my domains. Found GoDaddy, signed up for the fasted most powerful plan and started transferring domains out of Hostmonster to GoDaddy. Easy, but costly because you have to renew each domain name also. Customer service at GoDaddy is fantastic with people that actually know what they are doing. I now have almost all my sites back up and running utilizing some of the best organized cPanel apps. There is a slight learning curve with GoDaddy but we’ll worth it. My sites work blazing fast and service is exceptional.

Hostmonster started off well and was rated one of the best but has not kept up. Please do yourself a favor and stay away. Also, they have other companies under different names which is a bit shady if you ask me Will update you on those. Will not miss poor customer service from Hostmonster.