Pebble Time Watch Faces

One of my favorite new pastimes is spending time creating the Pebble Time watch faces and the popular Pebble Classic watch faces. There is a certain amount of gratification when creating the watch faces, personal enjoyment building them, hundreds of downloads, and exposure. All the Pebble Time watch faces that are created are crafted and thought out. Every dial, marking, and even the logo or theme has been designed for brightness and clarity on the small Pebble surface area.

You can create Pebble watch faces several ways. The first is to use the popular and standard programming language “C”  plus use the Pebble compiler or create images and use the Pebble watch face Generator which currently only supports black and white. There is also a color version watch face generator but it is very primitive and offers zero useful features. Whatever method you use, have fun with it. Nothing like using your own watch face that you created on your Pebble. The Pebble staff have also put up some great tutorials on how to build your own custom watch faces.

Pebble Time Watch Faces Need a Watch

All this is great and wonderful but you also need to purchase the watch. Yes, this is a plug for a great company with a new set of great watches coming out in the next few months. Pebble Time 2 , Pebble Classic 2, and Pebble Core. Great time to purchase the orginal classic or Pebble Time.

Official Bulux Tubmariner Watch Face

The Official Bulux Tubmariner analog watch face. Yes, it’s a spoof on the classic Rolex Submariner. Many hours were spent fine-tuning every detail. Everything from the day of the week to the current date. Image created with Photoshop, even the Rolex fonts were used. Have fun and let me know how I can improve this. TUBMARINER 33ft x 3 / 3atm PEBBLE CERTIFIED. Why Bulux? A British cuss word that has no definite meaning. Cannot be used as an insult. Example: Bulux! While hitting your hand with a hammer. The American equivalent would be Sh_t or F_ck.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Official Bulux


Crystal Clear Time Original

Quality and clarity is the key when reading the time. I mean if its hard to see, what’s the point. This was created with Photoshop and is super easy to read. Handsome and simple with the date always showing. Enjoy…

Now Offering the White Version because the black original version is so popular.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Black Version

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble White Version

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Dump Trump Pebble Watch Face

America is already Great…Simple Digital Dump Trump watch face that is guaranteed to start a conversation …show your support and sport this political statement. It Also comes in a full-color version.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Dump Trump 

Splat Analog Watch Face

Splat? What a mess…comes with an analog dial plus date on the lower left, digital time on the lower right corner.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Splat Analog

Time Up In Flames

Great graphic that is easily visible. Time moves so fast that at times it feels like it is up in flames. Displays seconds on the upper right-hand corner.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Splat Analog

HiFi Digital System

High fidelity digital system was great fun to create. On the top row, we have the Bluetooth and battery indicators. The second-row sports the date, the third row shows the time, and the bottom row shows the seconds. Great fun creating this classic and very popular watch face.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble HiFi Stereo Watch Face

Analog Adventurer Two

Simple analog design with a battery indicator at the three o’clock position. Sporty and elegant watch face. Once again very easy to read. Looks great on Pebble Classic and Pebble Time.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Adventurer Two

Digital Speed Watch Face

Digital speedometer watch face. Simple but effective. Also available in color for Pebble Time.

Get Free Watch Face from Pebble Digital Speed

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Before and After of Small Deck

Before image of slate antiquated slate steps.

The idea was to mask the unsightly tiny poorly constructed slate exterior steps that never had a real purpose. Besides the steps, the client was also accosted with a primitive half oval basement window that besides being an eyesore, could have been a risk with small children. I was asked to design and build a small 6’x5′ wooden deck.

The removal of the steps would have been messy and expensive, so I decided to use them as the start of my framing. Nailing a series of pressure treated 2’x4’s around the perimeter to establish my square baseline. Building and framing from the top down seemed the only option for a square even result. Using pressure treated 5’1/2″ blanks I completed the top of the deck area, spacing out the rafters at 16″ inch intervals. Then the risers were built and the math worked out to four steps, the last one closes to the ground had an additional 2″ piece that was attached and scribed to accommodate the uneven slate. [su_divider top=”no”][su_divider top=”no”][/su_divider]

After Image of completed Deck, New Door and custom flower boxes.

The risers were primed twice, and two additional coats of Benjamin soft gloss was applied. The tops decking was just coated with a tinted waterproofing which has since been darkened a few more shades. Came out well, considering that it is a free floating deck. Very solid and really completes the surrounding area. The new flower boxes that I built plus the interior patio area that was also completed with a fresh new facelift.

The Total cost of materials for the deck including finish paints came out to just over two hundred plus 4 days of labor.

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Can not resist adding some classic Deck Humor…Enjoy

Smash Tee Domains Purchased

Very pleased with my latest domain purchase of and with an appraised value of over $3000 at this very moment. This now makes my current domain holdings 142 which is a bit shy from last years number because sold off a few. Have decided to actually develop Smash Tee and make it a brand and have crazy fun just doing whatever crazy idea that pops into my brain. Still playing around with the format and design of the site, lots of coding and figuring out how to make things pop and visually interesting while keeping things moving and fast.

Smash Tee Step by Step

I will document almost every aspect of the site and its creation and how I kept the speed of this graphical site fast. Listing all the plugins and short codes used. This post will be continuously updated with everything that is required to launch a successful website and hopefully make a bit of income while doing so.

Smash Tee Components

So far this theme plus these basic plugins have kept my page speed at very except able levels. You can check your speed and follow the directions to increase the speed with Googles Page Speed Insight.

Smash Tee Shirts

Four Foot Longboard Spring Bomb

Rolls Royce of Longboards

Yes, love the warmer weather especially when one gets to enjoy the afternoon on a four foot longboard. This particular longboard is custom made using a solid oak piece of wood, stained mahogany and the bottom lacquered black. Stick on a pair of crimson paris trucks fitted with Orangetang Nipples, add some crappy wheels, some bearings and your ready to bomb the neighborhood long hills.

Currently, my collection of seventeen longboards are sitting dormant for the time being anticipating many days finding time to hit the road. But, using a home brewed four foot monster longboard is very satisfying. Especially one that a lot of time was spent perfecting the correct wheel base to board ratio for my height and weight. Using my phones gps with a speedometer app my top speed for the day was 34.6 mph. It felt sure and solid and was extremely comfortable when digging in with some deep carving…feels more like a surfboard.

The only issue with a solid wood four foot monster longboard is that it is not the most portable, meaning you can’t really lug it around the city, or take it in the subway.  The sole purpose of the deck is to cruise the local hills and have a comfortable enjoyable ride. It’s the Rolls Royce of longboards…you keep it in the garage and take it out once in a while just to get the cobwebs out.

Loaded Tesseract Top Favorite Longboard

My daily longboard and one of the most versatile is the Loaded Tesseract which by far is the most fun. Bombing hills, carving, skate park, technical riding, free riding, city cruising, it does it all. Very light and easy to transport.

Anyway, worked a good day and finished with a longboard ride. Working on two projects at the moment which will finish sometime next week. Longboard 39 made out of cardboard with one aluminum cross beam for the mounting of trucks. The cardboard is great, you can shape it with ease. Will fiberglass the board after and apply four coats of clear finish. Do a fancy grip tape job on it. Find some super light trucks and wheels. Will include a future article on the subject.  The last project is a braking system for the four foot lonboard which is almost complete. Have a perfect and thanks.



2015 Pigments Painting Award

Front Door Restoration Stamford

The goal of this project is to create a more impressive front door entrance and more importantly preserve and protect the area from the harsh New England seasons. The interior of the Stamford, Ct house has been restored and upgraded to reflect the personality of the new owners. The process now continues to the exterior of the home with a new stone back entrance and new custom fence. Welcome to Pigments Painting and the restoration of the front door area.[su_divider]

Removal of Storm Door

The first step was the careful removal of the storm door that would be later used in the back of the house. Fortunately, the door was off very high quality and a substantial door in excellent new condition, probably weighing in at one hundred pounds with the glass in place. With that being said, the first thing was to remove the glass to reduce the load on the screws and prevent breakage. Then it was a question of removing all the screws. Total time for removal was about thirty minutes. I discarded all the screws and plan to use new ones when it’s time to reinstall the door in its new location. Now to stage two of the project…[su_divider]

Preliminary Stripping of Front Door Woodwork

The main idea when stripping is go for bulk and then go back and fine tune. Starting the stripping of the white panels and side windows since they need to be repaired and had the most noticeable damage. I opted to use a Milwaukee heat gun as opposed to using stripper which can be costly, usually slower, and caustic. At first I set the heat gun to its coolest temperature which is about 800 degrees without much success. Setting it to its highest temperature, about 1200 degrees, the paint layers started to bubble and scrape away with ease. The layers probably consisted of about five layers of paint leaving just the soft prime coat and the wood grain visible.[su_divider]

 Precautions When Working Around Glass

When working with heat or stripper especially around windows or glass panels, I tend to spend a few minutes figuring out what the safest way to accomplish the task is. Heat seems to not mix well with glass plus you can also scratch the panes when using the scraper. In this situation I cut out an exact fitting wood template that fit snugly in the glass panes. You still have to be cautious but the process moves much faster and with greater accuracy,[su_divider]



Spanish Translation

Frente de la puerta Restauración

El objetivo de este proyecto es crear un mundo más impresionante entrada de la puerta principal y más importante preservar y proteger el área de las duras temporadas de Nueva Inglaterra. El interior de la casa Stamford, CT ha sido restaurado y actualizado para reflejar la personalidad de los nuevos propietarios. El proceso continúa ahora en el exterior de la casa con una nueva entrada trasera piedra y nueva cerca personalizado. Bienvenido a pigmentos de pintura y la restauración de la zona de la puerta delantera.

La eliminación de la puerta contra tormentas

El primer paso fue la cuidadosa eliminación de la puerta de la tormenta que se utilizaría más adelante en la parte posterior de la casa. Afortunadamente, la puerta estaba fuera de muy alta calidad y una puerta sustancial de nuevo excelente, probablemente, con un peso de cien libras con el vidrio en su lugar. Con eso se dice, lo primero que iba a quitar el vidrio para reducir la carga sobre los tornillos y evitar que se rompan. Entonces era una cuestión de la eliminación de todos los tornillos. El tiempo total para la eliminación de unos treinta minutos. Descarté todos los tornillos y el plan para utilizar los nuevos cuando es el momento de volver a instalar la puerta en su nueva ubicación. Ahora a la segunda etapa del proyecto …

Preliminar de desmontaje de elaboración de la madera

La idea principal es ir al pelar para granel y después volver atrás y afinar. A partir de la extracción de los paneles blancos y ventanas laterales, ya que tendrá que ser reparado y tenía el daño más notable. He optado por utilizar una pistola de calor Milwaukee en lugar de utilizar separador que puede ser costoso, por lo general más lento, y cáustico. Al principio me puse la pistola de aire caliente a su temperatura más fría que está a unos 800 grados sin mucho éxito. Si lo establece a su temperatura más alta, alrededor de 1200 grados, las capas de pintura comenzaron a burbujear y raspar con facilidad. Las capas probablemente consistían en unos cinco capas de pintura dejando sólo la capa de preparación suave y la veta de la madera visible.

Precauciones al trabajar cerca de vidrio

Cuando se trabaja con calor o separador especialmente alrededor de las ventanas o paneles de vidrio, tiendo a pasar unos minutos averiguar lo la forma más segura para realizar la tarea es. El calor parece no se mezcle bien con el vidrio además de que también puede rayar los cristales cuando se utiliza el raspador. En esta situación, recorté una plantilla de madera ajuste exacto en el que encaja perfectamente en los paneles de vidrio. Usted todavía tiene que ser prudente, pero el proceso se mueve mucho más rápido y con mayor precisión,  

PixAds Now On Etsy

Pixads is now available on Etsy and has already demonstrated interest in the community. I personally love Etsy’s Marketplace which is flooded with talent and great taste. The photography and artwork is the perfect venue to show off Pixads images, products, photography, and bits of history that it comes across every once in  a while. The images that are being sold on etsy from Pixads are worth the cost because with every purchase you will receive a link and image plus a review or listing of your business. The post will be on Pixads Blog located at  Pixads on Etsy

Welcome to Pixads on Etsy,,,The unique home of some great photography, unusual crafts, and of course some original art. My name is Nicolas Ray, working artist and antique hunter living in the New York City area. Welcome and Enjoy… and

Router Tip Trick Handrail

This simple router tip trick will ensure that your projects come out clean, perfect, and yield a professional result. Currently installing a custom fence and rail on top of a new stone wall and patio. The top rail and the bottom rail had to mimic the post caps detail. Using a router and a makeshift table, the process begins. Setting the router to the correct setting and using a scrap piece of wood to test the cut. Satisfied, with the result I start the process of making the first pass then the second pass on both sides of the wood rails.

Router First and Finish Cut Second

The idea, as I found out is to make all your router cuts before you cross cut all your pieces to finish size. The reason and logic is simple, your first plunge with the router on the wood is usually not perfect. Once you get past the first inch or so, you find the perfect speed and get into a zone of concentration until you complete the span. Then, cut a fraction of one side to have a clean square edge. Measure your area and mark and with a pencil then a speed square. I tend to cut just on the other side of the line to compensate for the thickness of the blade. Better to cut long and trim as needed.

Just about complete with this custom 2′ high fence that i just built. The top and bottom rail are all detailed with a…

Posted by Pigments Professional Painting on Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vertical extra pieces of wood are just or layout.

This method works great when the two handrails meet on a 45 degree, the results are perfect and very pleasing. The fence that I have been working on is paint grade so using pressure treated woods, priming, and applying 2-3 coats of Benjamin Moore Soft Gloss on everything.


Tree Bookcase Project

The latest project that is in the works and is in the design stage. The plan is to create three trees that will hold some books, cherished objects, and also act as a very unique coat rack. The tree bookcase project will be stunning once completed and installed.

Using MDF board which is very smooth and is perfect for creating a very nice painted finish. Cutting out three exact designs and gluing the three pieces together will give a very solid structure along with achieving the desired depth. The first piece, the piece that sits against the wall will have the bottom cut 4″ short to compensate for the baseboard that exist thus allowing for a flush fit to the wall and extend beyond the baseboard touching the floor. Should give it a nice bit of interest…

Birds and a few random leaves will adorn the design and the whole structure will be painted a forest fresh green in a high gloss. All three trees will be different and interlock or set in a particular sequence. The wall background may be painted a light sky blue or possibly a crisp ivory white, still working on the details.

The creation and painting of the tree bookcase should only take three days to complete, three layers of MDF board times three trees. Deciding to add some pegs for coats was logical since it will be installed in a entrance area. Of course I will update this entry with current images once completed. 

Please, if interested in something like this for your kids room or as a focal point in a hallway, let me know and use the contact form. 

Pigments Painting Refresh Special Promotion

The Pigments Refresh Special is easily the most popular makeover and yields great results. Rooms over time can show signs of age and tend not to look as well as they could.

Your room matters, so with this in mind only the best materials are used, “Benjamin Moore Regal Select” premium paint which yields a rich flat finish. The result is stunning and clean, bringing the room back to its former glory.

Pigments Painting Refresh Special Makes a Great Gift

The $225 Refresh Special Terms & Conditions

  • *Maximum Wall Sq.’Ft. 400 – Room Sq.’ 180 *Example: 15’x12’ Room with 8’ Ceilings
  • *Room must be same light base color – Free Color Match
  • *Price includes 1 gallon Benjamin Moore Paint
  • *Price includes room protection, drops, plastic, Blue Tape
  • *Price includes all painting implements.
  • *Price includes wall inspection and minor repairs, caulking Room will be left clean, dust free, and ready.

Ceiling, Trim, Closets, and Windows are not included Office: 203-252-9745 / Field: 212-951-0915

Pigments Painting Receives 2015 Best of Award

Pigments Painting Press Release

Nicolas Ray Award Pigments Painting 2015


Pigments Professional Painting Receives 2015 Best of Norwalk Award

Norwalk Award Program Honors the Achievement

NORWALK March 11, 2015 — Pigments Professional Painting has been selected for the 2015 Best of Norwalk Award in the Painting Contractors category by the Norwalk Award Program.

Each year, the Norwalk Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Norwalk area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Norwalk Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Norwalk Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Norwalk Award Program

The Norwalk Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Norwalk area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Norwalk Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Norwalk Award Program


Norwalk Award Program