Having set up hundreds of websites in the past, only spending a couple of hours to set up affiliate web sites…build and forget mentality. Very unsatisfying to build like that, your only concern is the logo design and a bit of meta content. But building a complete and well thought out Retail business such as Nikashi Designs has been a challenge. Months of work and planning. Were every button,every font, graphic, menu, shopping cart, blog, guestbook, coding, SEQ, CSS, and the list goes on. Is carefully planned and executed. The problem is to get all the code to work together without a hitch. Product so far has been the most simple of the task. That’s just upload a spreadsheet and your done. I will be hopefully finished Nikashi Designs By the beginning of Summer 2011. But we will see. I highly recommend building a business plan or at best a major checklist of things that need to be done.