The latest project that is in the works and is in the design stage. The plan is to create three trees that will hold some books, cherished objects, and also act as a very unique coat rack. The tree bookcase project will be stunning once completed and installed.

Using MDF board which is very smooth and is perfect for creating a very nice painted finish. Cutting out three exact designs and gluing the three pieces together will give a very solid structure along with achieving the desired depth. The first piece, the piece that sits against the wall will have the bottom cut 4″ short to compensate for the baseboard that exist thus allowing for a flush fit to the wall and extend beyond the baseboard touching the floor. Should give it a nice bit of interest…

Birds and a few random leaves will adorn the design and the whole structure will be painted a forest fresh green in a high gloss. All three trees will be different and interlock or set in a particular sequence. The wall background may be painted a light sky blue or possibly a crisp ivory white, still working on the details.

The creation and painting of the tree bookcase should only take three days to complete, three layers of MDF board times three trees. Deciding to add some pegs for coats was logical since it will be installed in a entrance area. Of course I will update this entry with current images once completed. 

Please, if interested in something like this for your kids room or as a focal point in a hallway, let me know and use the contact form. 

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    1. Thank You Susan,
      For your interest and questions. Each project is slightly different, so pricing would be unique to your design needs. I will say that my prices are the lowest in the industry only because I m not trying to get rich. With that being said, my service and quality is one of the highest, very proud of my work. The current project, just for an example is around $1200 and includes everything, materials, paint, and install. Send me your contact information so we can discuss ideas. Estimates are always free. Take care and enjoy this perfect weather.

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