When one thinks of the trusted tools of the trade one tends to think of power tools or hand tools. For over thirty years my expertise has taken me on a journey of renovations, preservation, and the creation of beautiful projects for your home or business. During that time, one accumulates an arsenal of specialized tools to expedite and ensure a successful conclusion of the projects.

This photograph depicts a tool that is taken for granted and one that I feel is very important. Proper footwear is essential. Too many times I have seen first hand workers that have nails or sharp objects puncture the sole of the sneaker they were wearing. They offered zero protection or support when working on site, going up and down ladders. My trusted pair of Timberland boots (low cut) are light, super comfortable, and offer support from the daily hazards of the project site.

Trusted Tools are Cost Effective

The cost of good footwear at the time of purchase tends to be much more in comparison to a inferior shoe or boot. Once you factor lifespan of the footwear, safety, and fatigue factors – better quality if always the better value. Example, a pair of sneakers used daily may last you six months before you toss them as opposed to the trusted Timberland Boots that will get you one to five years of use. Yes, I actually was able to get five very comfortable years out of one pair of boots.

Using boots inside a clients home is usually not a great idea, with this in mind I tend to use low cut boots that slip of with great ease. They also allow me to utilize surgical booties that slip over the boot which allows for a clean entry to your beautiful home.

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