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Being a strong advocate of branding at every opportunity and keeping your logo, theme, and banner consistent across all your web pages, blogs, and social media. Gone are the days of just having a website with your message, your product, or your service. With the advent of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google One, and even Hubpages, websites now have evolved and have been integrated into our daily lives. Smart phones have accelerated the rate of information that we have at our fingertips, we basically carry our planet, and everything in it. You could say that websites are now in real time, constant updates, and constant traffic, new and current information on any topic under the sun. This article will deal with the branding of just one very important and probably the most recognized or familiar – YouTube.

One of the worst things when surfing the internet is stumbling upon a website that seems pretty well thought out and even looks nice. Then clicking on one the social media links and being whisked off to another site that

Remember that there is a two megabyte cap on uploaded images which is more than sufficient for your upload.

Steps To Upload Your Thumbnails to YouTube

Listed below is a simple step guide on how to change your Youtube thumbnails on your video’s.

  • Log in to Your Account using your Google Email address and password
  • Then on the upper right hand corner click once on your name.
  • Also on the right upper corner a list will appear in blue, click on Video Manager
  • This will open a list of all your video’s that you own or uploaded.
  • Choose the video that you want to upload a thumbnail instead of the default, click the edit button which is just right of the video.
  • You will notice three thumbnails which you can use that YouTube has set for you. or
  • Click Custom Thumbnail
  • Pick your file that you made earlier and double click it. This will upload your new thumbnail to your video.
  • Press save on the upper right hand lower corner.
  • That’s it…It may take a few minutes or hours for the image to appear.
  • You have completed your branding of your video’s

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