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Army Vehicle Goes Missing – This happened shortly after the vehicle was Painted with Camouflage.

Converse Graphic Tee by Nicolas Ray
Smash Tee by Nicolas Ray

My life to date has been interesting, to say the least, and the forecast for tomorrow looks pretty much the same. Even at a very early age my tendencies usually landed me in some sort of predicament, or “learning experience”, as some may say. The people that have intersected my life have all left some sort of impression, a lasting memory, or a particular life lesson. The happy-go-lucky attitude that makes up my main character trait has always been a blessing, and on a few occasions really saved me from an uncertain end. Being the classic “Leo”, I tend to be very loyal and sincere in my approach to my friends, family, and even strangers.

Life has not always been easy, never thought it was supposed to be…but its my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. By the way, “Hi, my name is Nicolas Ray and welcome to my Blog. Read Mor

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

Nicolas Ray's perfect dog Chloe

Perfect Dog Chloe

Thought I would spend three minutes and give my dog her brief moment in the internet spotlight. My Perfect Dog Chloe. Pretty much never does anything wrong ever, which is […]


Why Do Some Women Seek Horrible Abusive Men

The Abusive Outcome is Never Good The reasons why some women seek abusive men will vary. It could be one reason, or a combination of several. Unfortunately, the outcome of […]


Prison Time 10 Year Dream- Story Repercussions of Alcohol Abuse

Birth of a Dream “Yeah, I had a dream once. I really believed it could happen too. I spent years trying to make it come true. Ten years of my […]


Funny Farm – A COW STORY Silly Creative Story

The sun rose over the farm again… Cow noticed that it kept doing that. She was thankful really, even though it hurt her eyes. While it was dark, Farmer made […]


Pebble Time Watch Faces

One of my favorite new pastimes is spending time creating the Pebble Time watch faces and the popular Pebble Classic watch faces. There is a certain amount of gratification when creating […]


Before and After of Small Deck

The idea was to mask the unsightly tiny poorly constructed slate exterior steps that never had a real purpose. Besides the steps, the client was also accosted with a primitive half […]

Bank Error by Nicolas Ray

I Won Over One Hundred Million Dollars

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Listen On/Off” voice=”UK English Male”] Today alone my net worth is over One Hundred Million Dollars and it only cost me a mere $180 plus some very personal information, […]

Smash Tee Shirts by Nicolas Ray

Smash Tee Domains Purchased

Very pleased with my latest domain purchase of and with an appraised value of over $3000 at this very moment. This now makes my current domain holdings 142 […]


Pigments Painting Company

Pigments Painting owned by Nicolas RayYes, once again Pigments Painting, my company for the last thirty years has been very busy with new projects. With the increase in work in 2016 it seemed just logical to develop some promotions. Now, Pigments Painting is offering set price painting inclusive of everything. This service has really been an extraordinary addition to the services that I offer. Thank You for picking Pigments.

Smash Tee Shirts by Nicolas Ray

Nicolas Ray's Smash Tee ShirtsOne of my top favorite tee shirts which also happens to be my number one seller at Smash Tee Shirts. Love spending time designing graphic tee’s, adding my twist on life, a bit of fun. Check out the wonderful collection of children’ shirts also.

Nicolas Ray’s Selfie Collage

Artist Nicolas Ray Selfie Project CollageLittle selfie collage project that I created using my phone and some filters. Then used Google’s Picasa to create the collage. Love creating images whenever I have the time or feel inspired.  “Broken Fragments” by Nicolas Ray

Nicolas Ray Dot Com Protected with Googles 2 Step Authentication

Nicolas Ray Code GeneratorIn order to keep up with online attacks and brute force attempted entries, this site now uses Google’s 2-Step Authentication API. In a nutshell a user name, password, and code number which rotates every 60 seconds. Very easy to use and requires zero additional time to log in.