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Site  Wide  Renovations

Graphic Logo of Nicolas RayPlease excuse the mess while I renovate this site. I decided to stay open as opposed to using another plugin that will close the site down with “under construction information”. One of my current plugins “ultimate shortcodes” has really done a number on my page speed and rating. Will remove all traces eventually and in the meantime, the format and visual aspect of this site will look like a giant mess. If you find something wrong on a page, please let me know by using my contact page.

Thank You

Pebble Time Watch Faces

One of my favorite new pastimes is spending time creating the Pebble Time watch faces and the popular Pebble Classic watch faces. There is a certain amount of gratification when creating the watch faces, personal enjoyment building them, hundreds of downloads, and exposure. All the Pebble Time watch faces that are created are crafted and thought Read More
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Before and After of Small Deck

Before image of slate antiquated slate steps. The idea was to mask the unsightly tiny poorly constructed slate exterior steps that never had a real purpose. Besides the steps, the client was also accosted with a primitive half oval basement window that besides being an eyesore, could have been a risk with small children. I was Read More
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Just Rants

Donald Trump Also Can’t Stand The Steve Bannon Impression On ‘SNL I’m just about ready for this second debate, although not without trepidation. The RNC and America’s top Republicans urged Trump to demonstrate contrition. His supporters, we hear, encouraged him to double down on his misogyny and lack of character by using Bill Clinton’s alleged Read More
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Front Door Restoration Stamford

The goal of this project is to create a more impressive front door entrance and more importantly preserve and protect the area from the harsh New England seasons. The interior of the Stamford, Ct house has been restored and upgraded to reflect the personality of the new owners. The process now continues to the exterior Read More
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Perfect Dog Chloe

Thought I would spend three minutes and give my dog her brief moment in the internet spotlight. My Perfect Dog Chloe. Pretty much never does anything wrong ever, which is just great with me. As all dogs are creatures of habit and routines, Chloe is not exempt from that. Starts the day still sleeping in Read More
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