Nicholas Ray Film Director

Nicholas Ray Film Director

Nісhоlаѕ Rау (born Raymond Nісhоlаѕ Kienzle, Jr., on August 7, 1911, іn Galesville, Wіѕсоnѕіn) was a film director асtіvе in Hоllуwооd between 1944 and 1963. Rеvеrеd by American and European critics and filmmakers, Rау put his personal tоuсh on еvеrу film hе made, dеѕріtе the constraints of the studio system. Hіѕ films are marked bу a … Read more

Pebble Time Watch Faces

One of my favorite new pastimes is spending time creating the Pebble Time watch faces and the popular Pebble Classic watch faces. There is a certain amount of gratification when creating the watch faces, personal enjoyment building them, hundreds of downloads, and exposure. All the Pebble Time watch faces that are created are crafted and thought … Read more

Before and After of Small Deck

Nicolas Ray Pigments Painting Deck Project

The idea was to mask the unsightly tiny poorly constructed slate exterior steps that never had a real purpose. Besides the steps, the client was also accosted with a primitive half oval basement window that besides being an eyesore, could have been a risk with small children. I was asked to design and build a small … Read more

Smash Tee Domains Purchased

Smash Tee Shirts by Nicolas Ray

Very pleased with my latest domain purchase of and with an appraised value of over $3000 at this very moment. This now makes my current domain holdings 142 which is a bit shy from last years number because sold off a few. Have decided to actually develop Smash Tee and make it a … Read more

Just Rants

Opinions and Rants by Artist Nicolas Ray

Dumb Coal Miners Will Lose Obamacare Benefits 01/04/2017 – Who ever said coal miners are smart…dah, they voted for Trump with the promise of coal mining jobs but didn’t think it through. Currently, black lung benefits exist via Obamacare, but with the repeal of the insurance plan, coal miners will loose all benefits. By the … Read more

Caution Idiot Ahead I-95 Observation

Caution Idiot Ahead Image by Nicolas Ray

Consistently traveling the I-95 corridor, a stretch of highway that spans from Maine to the Florida Keys and is always busy. The part that seems to have the most idiots is located in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey where the traffic is the heaviest. The thing about it is, if people would just drive … Read more

Image Restoration Old Photograph

Image restoration by artist Nicolas Ray

The original image was in very poor condition with peeling, fading, and the beginning signs of mildew. The image restoration took about an hour to complete. Using Photoshop I saved a copy thus retaining the original image, just in case the process was unsuccessful and needed to revert back. The original resolution was also very low, … Read more

Front Door Restoration Stamford

The goal of this project is to create a more impressive front door entrance and more importantly preserve and protect the area from the harsh New England seasons. The interior of the Stamford, Ct house has been restored and upgraded to reflect the personality of the new owners. The process now continues to the exterior … Read more

Elderly Drivers Be Re-Tested For DMV Licenses

Article of Elderly Drivers by Nicolas Ray

Pros and Cons of Elderly Drivers Behind the Wheel – Should The Elderly Be Re-Tested For DMV Licenses? The Pros and Cons of Elderly Drivers “The amount of accidents and fatalities caused by elderly drivers has increased and will continue to increase as the baby boomers hit age sixty-five. What makes it more interesting is most … Read more

Why Do Some Women Seek Horrible Abusive Men

The Abusive Outcome is Never Good The reasons why some women seek abusive men will vary. It could be one reason, or a combination of several. Unfortunately, the outcome of these relationships can be disastrous, and will certainly do more harm than good to the self-confidence of women. Those who take the time to understand … Read more

Gallery Photographs Portraits

This was one of the most enjoyable photographic projects to complete and very interesting speaking to all the people, creating a bond. Plus it makes for a much more powerful image in the “Gallery Photographs Portraits” Although some of the portraits were shot in a candid mode (street photography) without the person knowing the image … Read more

Evolution of Modern Day T-Shirts Brief History

Designer Nicolas Ray's T-Shirt

The History of the T-Shirt The origin of the t-shirt is actually credited to coal miners. During the 19th century, miners began to cut their one piece underclothes into two separate pieces. This allowed them to easily remove the top piece from beneath their shirt when they became too hot. Many of these underclothes came … Read more

Columbus and Magellan Introduced Modern European Ideas

The opening of a new world by Columbus and Magellan introduced modern European ideas to primitive American societies. The arrival of these new ideas and new cultures forced the American way of life to progress. When the Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, they absorbed and expanded upon the culture of the Old World … Read more

Longboarding The Perfect Sport

Nicolas Ray's Favorite Extreme Sport Longboarding

Skateboarding began in 1959 in Hawaii for surfers who saw the tides were too low or rough. Skateboarding made way for longboarding. Longboarding history comes from teenagers who wanted to surf when there were not safe waves, but were not comfortable with the short and narrow boards of skateboarding. If one is not comfortable on … Read more

Notice Of Revocation Of Independence

Author unknown but should be congratulated… To the citizens of the United States of America,In the light of your failure to elect a President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the vocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will assume monarchical duties over … Read more